Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gone for Traveling

Hi pretty readers,

I'm not going MIA, it's just I'm going abroad for a week and since visa is included I've been busy with documents and all the necessary details ^__^, I want to thank you Maybelline Singapore that made this trip visible and all the parties involved.

Yes, I will blog about the trip as well and ALL the juicy stuff that I found during the trip, where? You'll soon found out. If WiFi is available I'll be posting some pics on my facebook page. Beauty products galore and everything in between.

So, meanwhile, do take care and off I go!


  1. woah! how come can go there through maybelline!
    must be so fun ce, have fun there! and good luck ^_^

  2. Heehee, thank you Stella, details later ya ^___-

  3. kyaaaa.. i wanna go too, hehehe.. have fun! ^^