Monday, January 30, 2012

Talika in Plaza Senayan, 1st in Jakarta (again)

Hi girls, Talika is back! Now as many other infamous brands that help growing your lashes, we ought to remember the one that kinda start it all and made by ophthalmologist. Talika's Lipocils expert.

Now after keep developing their products, Talika keep adding more items that filled with innovation and technology. The Light Duo that gives two different lights to your skin (wherever it is) on the place needed. The green one for Anti-pigmentation (yup, those brown spots) and red one as Anti-wrinkle as a collagen booster.

As seen they have two different light device, the 660 and duo.

Another interesting item is for the eye brows. It helps adding more hairs to the brows, this gel filled with strands of fiber that will stays as the part of your brows, creating volume made kinda like your natural's. It comes in 3 different colors.

Love your nails and wanna kept them pretty? This handy tools is for buffering, cleaning, and polishing.

Now Talika also make a skincare serum, this one smells lovely since it have all natural oils such as lavender. One of the must try item for me ^___^

The light therapy on the counter, oh yes, probably you've been wondering where am I? I'm in Talika's counter in Metro, Plaza Senayan which just newly re-open on January 2012.

You can happily see them all again here with a more devices and items that may only available in Talika.

The heated eyelash curler.

All the range available now and will keep on adding more soon.

The stall that reminds me more of what Talika is all about.

Talika, from Paris, since 1948

The beauty and sophistication of Talika.

Don't forget to come and visit their counter whenever you in Plaza Senayan and . . .

Try their products!

I'm trying the eye scrub which feels so gentle and really made for your eye's zone.

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See ya!


  1. ah, jadi pengen yang light device itu.. wonder if it really works~ Tunggu review aja deh ^_^ Nice blog you have, dear~

  2. Thank you Stephanie :) and yes, I will review them as soon as I can get my hands on them heehee.