Monday, September 28, 2015

Rene Furterer Karite Intense Overnight Nourishing Treatment Grand Launching

Hi lovelies,

how are you? I hope this post finds you well. Lately it's been a very busy week for me, a lot of events going on and the traffic in Jakarta pretty much unpredictable.

Some days could be better, and on some, I prefer to stay at home with the kids >.<'
It is not easy being a beauty blogger, on one hand I want to keep myself updated with all the events but I can't come to all of them due to the traffic, other appointments and or events and so on.

When Rene Furterer invited me several times, finally, I can come on this one to officially celebrate one of Karite variant, a leave in sleeping mask for the hair.


So when you're asleep, you're not only using your night cream aka sleeping mask for the face but for the hair as well. Waking up, the skin and hair will become fabulous!

I've reviewed the product around a month ago and has been using Karite Intense Overnight Nourishing Treatment ever since.

Here's the post for the product: Click me.


The event started with an intimate press conference at a cafe.

I'm loving the product, the scent, the formula, the texture and especially what it does on the hair, and "Mr. Hugh Grant" here is explaining why. And yes, his real name is not Hugh Grant, he just happen to look like him ^__^ and he is the same guy whose present Avene during the event as well. Mr. Frederic Charles also shares the touching story behind the shea butter as one of the ingredients for Karite Intense Overnight Nourishing Treatment as well. It turns out that a lady in one of the small country in Africa wrote a letter to Rene Furterer to use the shea where she and her community grew.

Long story short, after establishing that the quality matches with Rene Furterer standard, these are the shea used as one of the main ingredients.

Shea butter itself has been well known to be beneficial for the body and hair as well. It helps soften the skin and cares for the hair. Helps them become softer, shinier and protects the strands from dryness too.


Then we all move to the main location for the event.

Alongside is an opening speech from the representative of Rene Furterer Indonesia. She is Managing Director of PT Beautindo Prima, Ms. Henny Wijaya.

For two days, Rene Furterer taking the atrium at Pondok Indah Mall 2. The Extravaganza Week offering free hair diagnosis and anyone to know Rene Furterer more.


Mr. Frederic Charles is back on the stage and share with everyone (in the press conference are only for media) more about the product. Including the before after images of each hair follicle upon using Karite Overnight Nourishing Treatment.

A hair that so coarse, brittle and dry, begin to soften, moist again and looks much healthier.


The product itself is not a magic formula, it need to be used when we are 8 hours asleep and applied all over the hair (not scalp). The size depends on the hair length and needs.

The aroma induce relaxation while other ingredients pampering the hair.


The size of each tube is Rp. 480.000 for 100 ml.

Soon after the brief introduction, it is time for the hair show by Teddy Luntungan alongside the models are wearing Mayaratih Couture.


Here are the models ready for the hair/fashion show.


Teddy shares how he also fell in love with Rene Furterer. The product focusing on caring for the hair begin with the scalp. Rene Furterer himself was a hair stylish who is passionate about the hair and finally developing formulas that are truly made for those who care about the hair as well.


The hair and dresses are stunningly beautiful. They are worth to be called as couture.


Look at the details below.


Thank you so much Rene Furterer Indonesia for inviting me and sharing me the beauty of Rene Furterer, hope to see you again soon!


Au revoir!

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