Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Click House Fat Removal and Meso Injection

Hello lovelies,

I'm back in Click House for another treatment of Fat Removal, this time Meso Injection is added.

What is meso injection?


Injection as in injection, ouch >.< and meso means middle, so the injection is for the mid part of the body as in belly aka tummy


Alongside with the Meso Injection, I also received another Fat Removal treatment with the machine that product Radio Frequency wave to breaks the fat cells, vacuuming motion and warm , to help pulling and melting the fats.

With the injection of L-Carnitine, it helps to turn deposited fat into energy (yeayy!!).


Since all injection is done by the doctor here, I was waiting at the doctor's room and first, a numbing cream is applied to the area. It is actually not needed if you're a normal people with normal pain tolerance. But since I have a very low tolerance for pain, I demanded a numbing cream, and lots of it.


Waiting for the cream to work, approximately 30 minutes, I took tons of selfies  ^___^

I was wearing their clothe and kimono.


I even manage to take a wefie with the doctor.

There's two doctor in the house, one is doctor Mega, the one that did my treatment the last time I'm here and another one is doctor Ika (sorry if misspelling happen).

And after the cream works, the injections begin, I'm so scared >.< and after around 6 injections are done I was relieved. It is not that bad and actually bearable...for normal people to go though without numbing cream, for me, I still do need it haha!


After the injections, I have to wait around 15 minutes for the fat removal with the machine. Since there is only one machine here, do make an appointment before visiting.

Soon after, the treatment begin and you can also bring your own cream. I happen to bring a firming cream since I want the skin to be firm again after losing the fats, and yes, after the injections and fat removal, the inches are loss again and I'm so happy with the immediate result. No wonder people are doing the treatment and injections, even thou it's a bit painful, the instant result gives instant satisfaction.


Above and below is the price list of the treatments available at the clinic. If you want a Rp. 100.000 voucher (no minimum purchase needed), do comment below with I want the voucher please, with your email and/or instagram id.


I want the voucher please, from, @carnellin

Winner will be picked by random on 20th of October 2015.
Winners will be announced on my instagram @carnellin on 20th of October 2015

The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere, however, keep this in mind,
Those who want the voucher must be able to come to the Click House for their own treatment at their own cost

Thank you Click House!!

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