Sunday, September 27, 2015

Click House

Hello lovelies,

this is my first time visiting Click House. Click House is a beauty clinic that offers many beauty treatments including slimming, hair removal, brightening/whitening, and other treatments as well with doctor in the house.

The location is at Jalan Melawai, quite far from my home and it was behind MM Juice restaurant, they wont be easy to find at first but once you find them, you'll easily get there the next time.


My face look exhausted since I do have difficulties finding the place and the traffic jam doesn't help either, I haven't been well lately so everything seems to be piling up, I do hope that the treatments offered by Click House help me to unwind, or at least made the trip worth going through.


A tips from me, when you googled the location, it will direct you to Pulo Raya, which is fine and it'll get you here eventually.

Arrived at the location, the 'living room' look cozy and comfortable. I find it 'refreshing' to the sight.


Details regarding the treatments, pricing, information for each treatments and location, please go to


In this 'living room' aka waiting area, guests who came with their spouse, kids, friends or just about anyone that accompanied them, can sit and enjoy the entertainment as they do provide cable TV channels (hooray!)


They'll help you order some food as well ^__^ (very important).

Upon arrival, do make an appointment first as they are usually fully booked, I'm not kidding, I have to reschedule several time due to our schedule that doesn't match. Either I'm busy or they are full. So do make an appointment. Don't forget to ask about how long your treatment should last and what to prepare, some treatment may need to be avoided during certain times (as ladies during their period).


My treatments are fat removal and vagina rejuvenation.

One for tummy area and the other is for my private area.

The fat removal is a treatment using a machine with several wand, massaging technique and skill from the therapist.

A vagina rejuvenation is a treatment for vagina using an ozone technology to overcome bacteria, virus, and help tightens the area.


The room looks clean and the clothes as well. Since the treatments are for the body and private area, I need to change. First, started with the vagina rejuvenation.

They are using a new disposable thingy that goes into the vagina area. It is not big, kinda like a tampon (in size) and made of clear rubbery-latex-like material with holes for the ozone to go through. The experience is like there's this bubbly sensation and pretty much like soda that fizz a lot.

The treatment is around 15 minutes and I get to watch an episode of Amsale Girls on Star World. 


After the therapist pull the rubbery-latex-like thingy out, they don't find any problem such as vaginal discharge or some sort. The after feeling of the treatment is pretty much 'cleaner' and I do recommend bringing a fresh pair of underwear if you want to do the treatment, to keep the treated area cleaner ^__^


Soon after the first treatment, it is fat removal.....looking at my upper hand, I think I should ask for those area as well >.<

And the person beside me, is the doctor.

Before we do the treatment, there's a consultation done using a weighting machine that not only calculate my weight, but my fat, metabolism, hydration, and everything needed related to my health. And it seems like my metabolism is s..l...o...w as in really slow. I'm 35 with a 49 years old metabolism, yikes! I need exercise. Any trainer or fitness center want to be my sponsor? I need one!

The treatment was done by the pretty doctor as well and she is eager to loose those stubborn fat on the tummy area. The treatment itself is around 30 minutes and no pain was involved. A bit of heat is involved, breaking the fat cells massages is involved and vacuuming too.

And what does all of that do? 9 cm. All of those took 9 cm in size from me. I went home with smaller tummy area.


The treatments does made the trip worth going through after all.


I don't think I'm the only one who figure it out. A lot of testimonials on these walls are the proofs. Their customers are raving the treatments they are receiving here as well.


How about you? Do you want to try the treatments at Click House too?

Collaborating with Click House, we are giving away 5 vouchers where each worth Rp.100.000.

You can use the voucher to any treatment that you want, if it's above Rp.100.000 just top it off.

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And that's it!

Winner will be picked by random on 20th of October 2015.
Winners will be announced on my instagram @carnellin on 20th of October 2015

The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere, however, keep this in mind,
Those who want the voucher must be able to come to the Click House for their own treatment at their own cost

Thank you Click House and pssttt!!! Do try their most famous and sought after treatment, the Skin Rejuvenation.


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  3. Hi, love the result ! Fat removal treatmentnya body shaping aja atau plus meso injection ?
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