Monday, September 14, 2015

SAMPAR L'Impossible C-Rum

Hello lovelies,

this is a remarkable serum from SAMPAR.


Super-concentrated with 24% active anti-aging ingredients combined for the first time ever, The Impossible C-Rum is the first anti-aging « Skin Guard » serum with both preventative and corrective powers, destined to turn back time on skin aged from 20 to 60+ years.
With a 58% increase of Collagen* synthesis within 5 days after application and a dramatic 100% of Anti-wrinkles effect**, The Impossible C-rum accomplishes the impressive feat of restoring the Firmness Capital regardless of skin age.
Facial firmness is quickly restored and the contour is refined. Plus, the complexion is unified and the skin recovers lost radiance and vitality.


Yes, you've read it correctly, it provide firmness, radiance, hydration, vitality, and it's like an elixir of youth in a bottle.

A lot of products in the market nowadays gives either one or two solution within a range, they are 'more specific' and caters a few issues at once. They are not wrong because some might need only in those minutes, but aging comes in many different ways and affecting all of the above.


Lack of radiance, dull skin, uneven skin tone, sagging and wrinkly lines everywhere. It might not be all at once at the same time, but gradually or on some people, all at once. But in the end, aging are creating all those issues which we want to tackle.

SAMPAR L'Impossible C-Rum caters everything that we could think of regarding the aging process. One serum known and named as L'Impossible C-Rum.


I'm in the mid 30's now and clearly my skin has started the aging process the minute I left 20's. I need products that help the skin beyond hydration. Like when I'm in my early 20's, a simple moisturizer will do, in the mid to late 20's, serum has become a must addition and changing my regular moisturizer into something that comes with 'pre-aging' creams, and along the way eye cream also added, and now, I love how SAMPAR L'Impossible C-Rum come into my life, just in time.

SAMPAR signature products evolved in light texture that I truly love. Even thou's it is packed with 'rich' ingredients:

YR Peptide(Skin Youth Reverse Peptide)
CLE (LipoEncapsulated C-vitamin)  

They still feel pretty much comfortable and light on the skin.

How to use the serum? Like any other serum, cleaned skin, toner and right before moisturizer.


I've been using the product with any other cleanser, toner and moisturizer from any other brand and they work just fine. But if you want a more optimum result, do use them within the brand and range.

Within days, my skin looks radiant, supple, hydrated, moist, supple and those fine lines does look lessen. I still can see the deep line but overall, very pleased with the result and will continue using the serum.

As usual, SAMPAR products gives ample information and details at the box and pamphlet inside the box.

SAMPAR is available in Indonesia at Beauty Box.

Thank you so much.

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