Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Biore UV Perfect Spray SPF 50+ PA++++

Hello lovelies,

UV protection is on the rise lately and almost every brand of cosmetic produce a sun protection products. And one invention that I really love is the one in spray.

With SPF 50+ and PA++++ (maximum protection at this moment) Biore, a leading brand in Japan, has launched a UV Perfect Spray.


It comes in a light blue bottle. There's a metal ball that makes sound whenever I shake the bottle and one of the feature is we can continue spraying even thou it is upside down.

Here's what is written behind the paper, and below is the closer look.

So it  is suitable for daily wear, for scalp, hair and body, perfect for outdoor activity and hard to reach body area.


The spray produce a fine particles hence using them feels so lightweight and the transparency is just  wonderful. No more white streaks here and there.

And since it is in clear formula, we can confidently use on areas such as hair, face, and just about anywhere without looking like using tons of sunblocks.


Does it made the skin looks oily? Nope, more like a subtle radiant glow. And it feels so comfortable, as if I'm using none.


How about when used on the scalp and hair, likewise, it felt like nothing. I don't use a lot on the scalp and hair, more like after a mist of them covering the 'overall' top area of my being and I'm done.

It is better when I didn't want to use a hat nor umbrella and my hair clearly needs a sun protection as well when outdoors to keep them healthy and fresh.


Does it melt or causing the makeup to melt? No they don't.

The minute it was sprayed, on that same minute it was dried and I can apply it after skincare or after everything is done. If you're worry that the product wont go well with your makeup, then just use it afterwards. Somehow it help the makeup set as well.


Will I keep using it? Definitely!

It is a very convenient UV Spray that works really well, including those who have sensitive skin and can't stand of the sun, it help reducing the redness by far.

The UV Perfect Spray SPF 50+ PA++++ can be used anywhere and everywhere, suitable for daily lifestyle or when going to the beach due to the high SPF protection, but you'll need to reapply after going into the water even thou it is water and sweat resistant since usually they are not resistant against sea water nor after swimming.

The fragrance is subtle and very mild, doesn't have a sticky texture whatsoever. Overall, a great product not to be missed, those who are too lazy to use a sunscreen wont have a reason of not wearing them anymore.....or perhaps they do, since this particular product is not yet available in Indonesia. Hopefully Biore will soon bring it here.

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  1. Where did u buy it ci? Have seen it at sg but decide did't purchase it while i don't know how good id the product. Haha