Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kay Collection

Hello everyone,

months ago I've received a hampers full of goodies from Kay Collection.

Kay Collection itself carries multiple products and brands from Japan and other countries too. Products like Dolly Wink, Vitacreme B12 and many more can be found at their website.


They also providing makeup case, pouch, bag and brushes alongside with other makeup tool.

I love their cosmetic bag since it has a big mirror in it. So I can carry it around during traveling and simply put on my makeup anywhere.


The container is quite sturdy and have pockets plus ample size for everything I need from base makeup to colors. This is of course made for personal use from Masami Shouko.


Inside, my favorite lashes are here. Falsies from Kay Collection somehow always fits nicely and doesn't need trimming, their glue also works really well. Transparent and sticks all day.

The lashes also stays looking gorgeous up to 5-10 usages (just be gentle) and the shape remains as curled as it was first opened from the box. I love their quality and reasonable pricing too. Same goes with their brushes. From the one that shaped like a sponge at the end and makes blending fun to the brushes for the eye shadow


Kay Collection also have Masami Shouko Oil and Sweat Film, a product which is thin like paper and absorb all the oils and sweat when pressed against.

Thank you so much Kay Collection for the wonderful goodies.

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