Monday, September 14, 2015

Samsung Galaxy J5 Super AMOLED Screen

Hi all,

I'm back with my second post for the new Samsung Galaxy J5.

This time, it's about their Super AMOLED Screen. What is it? As someone who is not a tech savy, I have to rely on wikipedia, to explain the terms.

AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) is a display technology in mobile devices and television. OLED describes a specific type of thin-film-display technology in which organic compounds form the electroluminescent material, and active matrix refers to the technology behind the addressing of pixels.


In short, it produce brilliant colors and HD finish with lower cost and power too.

Still with the same campaign
Samsung wants to share with just about anyone our moments shared using their new smartphone.

In case you're wondering and still pretty much confuse, do click on the link below (and their sosial medias):

  1. Twitter:  @samsung_ID
  2. Instagram:  @samsung_id
  3. Facebook:  Samsung Mobile Indonesia

What does it do? What does the Super AMOLED screen do to my work as a beauty blogger? Look at the picture above and tell me that you do see the differences.

It made images appear brighter, better and of course much more appealing that it actually is. It's like watching on HD and let Samsung Galaxy J5 transform everything I capture into this picture perfect beauty.


Tons of images could easily be taken with ease and I thought it would take so much energy and memory, but it doesn't. From the front camera to back, everything looks awesome thanks to the Super AMOLED screen.

The response time also so fast, with less energy consume, bright or low light the smartphone remain power efficient and friendly enough to be used all day long.

Beauty bloggers are known to take gazillion images for a single product, so when we review and even during events, we took shots like hummingbirds flapping their wings. So we need our smartphone camera to stay alert and response quick enough to our needs without compromising the quality. Whenever we want to refresh the album and check our images, they are fast and comes in brilliant results.


From the front page, to the album.


Every single shots I took the colors are just amazing and reflects less light too. I know that they usually works better for outdoor but doesn't mean that the indoor are compromised. The screen also stays true when the direct sunlight hits. So you wont have a problem glaring at your phone when the sun shine so bright.


I can go on and on, but I think these images will actually explain better that I could ever do.

And in terms of saving the energy, it is also not a secret that beauty bloggers carry camera, smartphones, charger and power bank as well. With Samsung Galaxy J5 I've been using it alone for the past few weeks, replacing everything that are heavy and power consuming. And they do absorb less energy. In a day with 2 events, I don't have to recharge, probably until the 3rd event during the same day. I still do take tons of images for sure and there's no way I could reduce the amount of images, so? This is wonderful. I don't have to bring those extra weight and carry the smartphone in my purse only.


Thank you so much Samsung for the amazing opportunity in reviewing Samsung Galaxy J5, it's been a fun trip, see you on my next post for another benefit in using Samsung Galaxy J5.


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  1. kalo bandingkan e5, s5 note 4 dan note 5 lebih bagus mana?? *dari segi segala2nya ^^

  2. Wah, saya engga punya E5, S5 Note dan Note 5, ntar ya kalau udah punya semua baru bisa bandingin