Monday, September 28, 2015

Oya Clinic

Hello everyone,

a few days ago I went to Oya Clinic and try their signature treatment called Face Contour.


The clinic located at Menteng area near Anomali Coffee.

The clinic is in white and the building scream aesthetic all over, somehow reminds me a of the romantic era of the renaissance.

Inside, arrays of products are on display.

But the highlight of the products are actually made by the Professor himself.


The staff and therapist greeted me well and I'm ready for my treatment.


The room is exactly like the one shown at their website:

A total of 6 rooms are available for the guests. They all look so clean and stylish too.

I changed myself into a robe and the treatment start almost immediately.


First, the skin is cleaned, gently scrub and then a sticky molasses like 'sauce' are spread on the skin. Using a tool, the skin was 'ironed' and I felt like I've seen and treated with this kind of tool before but the ones that made a difference is the creamy sticky sauce. It smells sweet like palm sugar and very sticky on the skin. It was said that this is their secret formula, a fat burning cream that will continue to work around 3 days after the treatment is done. So it's kinda like the magic cream.

Then a mask is put on the skin for around 15 minutes.


Followed by a cream and the treatment is done. It was pretty fast and comfortable from the beginning to the end. This is the kind of facial that I certainly can get used to. And best of all, is the result. My skin become so soft, supple, moisturized and smooth all over.

Look at the images below.


My upper cheeks are usually dry and sensitive but somehow it doesn't anymore. The whole area looks so pampered and well taken care off.

Thank you so much Oya Clinic for help contouring my face, the magic cream is awesome and help defining my facial contour. The process itself is comfortable and really enjoyed the pampering effect.

Do you want to try the treatment?

Good news!!

Oya Clinic is providing a 50% off for the Face Contour treatment. Just print out the voucher below and make an appointment at Oya Clinic.

One print out is for one person, so let's say you are with 2 of your friends, print three of these vouchers.


Thank you.


  1. Pernah cobain face countournya gak? Ngelirik blogger sebelah, di klinik yang sama, dia cobain face contour dan mukanya yang cenderung chubby jadi lumayan agak kurusan gitu, jadi lebih apa ya, tertata lah XD

    Penasaran banget, tapi berhubung aku di Surabaya, jadi cuma bisa ngiler XD

  2. Di post ini tertulis lho kalau aku treatment face contour 0.O

  3. Hah ya ampun sorry, kurang perhatian XDDD~ Aku pikir cuma sekedar facial or maskeran gitu.

    Sorry banget yaaa~ Maafkan ketidak mampuan saiah membaca bahasa inggris T^T

    Liat fotonya kurang ngeh juga kalau face contour .___.