Monday, September 14, 2015

Redwin Sorbolene Moisturizer

Hello lovelies,

this is my first time trying on product from Redwin. A brand that dedicated their purpose for sensitive skin.

And one of the product is Sorbolene Moisturizer.


Rated number one moisturiser, Redwin Sorbolene moisturises and creates a protective barrier, that locks in moisture deep within your skin. Redwin Sorbolene is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


It is what our products don’t contain that makes them perfect for your dry and sensitive skin. Formulated to heal, soothe, protect and nurture red, chapped, dry, flaky and damaged skin, Redwin doesn’t contain any harsh detergents, colourings, fragrances or lanolin.


It pretty much sums up as being the holy grail product for those who have skin, sensitive or not, we can all use it, kids, teens, parents, patients or even babies. The soft gentle creamy lotion works as a simple moisturizer that cares for the skin by providing hydration, the hydration itself heals, protect, and nurtured the skin. In the process of doing so, the moisturizer that doesn't contain known allergy factors such as perfume, lanolin, colorants and other ingredients are sealing the moisture to stay within the skin.

Making them soft, supple and moist.


(as seen above, the new tube is always sealed for your protection)

By being moist, supple and soft, the skin regain its strength and the ability to withstand external aggression. So when they rubbed or even scratched, they wont easily break. Same goes from within, the skin will holds together better and slows down the aging process. The skin that are went trough aging usually dry, sags, have open pores, brittle, appear  red due to sensitivity and allergies, and one thing that will happen in the end, bleeds easily.


Stopping the problem from the beginning will always be a better solution, so when your skin starts to show early signs of dryness, allergic reaction(from mild such as redness and red dots) to severely itching, stops everything that you use and start choosing the right product for your skin. Your skin might be suffering as a reaction to the products you've used. Or in my case, from medication.

I've been ill last month and I'm consuming medication that cause severe water retention, the skin suffer and they start to peeled off by them self. I see dead skin everywhere and it has become very uncomfortable. In the same time an offer from Redwin Indonesia came and gave me Sorbolene. It was like an answer to my needs.

I can use lotions that contain perfume or anything that aggravate my skin condition. Sorbolene eliminates those factors and relieving the skin from the first use.


For sure the result is not permanent instantly, I have to keep using it throughout the day. The non scented formula smells kinda like medicine, I think that's the 'original' formula. The feeling on the skin is comfortable and pleased felt on my skin. The dry cells that are white and visible has been covered with the moisture, they look radiant and silky soft now, no longer suffering the dryness.

A moist looking skin without the greasy nor oily feeling since Sorbolene Moisturizer penetrate and accepted by the skin easily. We love the soft velvety finish. We?

Yes, the whole family.


Sorbolene Moisturizer developed by Redwin (Australia) are made for everyone in the family. My baby also using it. When we're on a family trip, I toss out the baby lotion, my beauty lotion and hubby's 'men' lotion and we all using Redwin Sorbolene Moisturizer and it tackles baby's sensitive skin, my daughter's normal to dry skin condition, my severely dry skin, and hubby's acne prone and oily skin. This moisturizer really one size fits all that me and my family can use.

All our skin become moist and nicely hydrated. Using the lotion twice a day after shower is easy peasy and comfortable too. For those with severely dry skin like me, can use it around 4 times a day, or whenever the skin ask for it.


Thank you so much Redwin Sorbolene Moisturizer for that all in one solution for the whole family that cares and truly protects the skin condition by keep them nicely hydrated and moist without the risks of allergy.


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