Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cathy Sharon's Baby Shower with Fisher Price

Hello everyone!!

This is Cathy Sharon's Baby Shower event with Fisher Price® . I was invited to the event by MommiesDaily a platform for moms to share and get information regarding motherhood.

When I arrived at the event, a lot of moms has brought their babies as well.

My one year old baby also went and so happy with all the toys during the event. I do wish that the playing area is bigger.


And of course, while the kids are playing, the moms are here to hear the wonderful news regarding #langkahpertama, as in first steps. We all know how important it is for the family to support, baby first steps. With encouragement, daily motivation, patience and of course, the right stimulation, babies can soon learn to move more actively, this include their first steps.

Understanding the needs to stimulate the babies through playing and daily activities, Fisher Price ® develop toys and tools for them. One of the product is Musical Lion Walker.


You may learn more and know about the present campaign through these channel:

1. Facebook: Fisher-Price (

2. Twitter: @FisherPrice_ID (

3. Instagram: fisherprice_id (

4. Website:

5. Langkah Pertama Contest:

And yes, there's a contest going on right now mommies, do join the fun and hopefully win some goodies as well along the way.

Who could resist the colorful and interactive toys that are actually good for the baby's development?! I guess we all wants what's best for our kids.


So does Cathy, she shares on her dedication to her kids and how she loves products from Fisher Price®. Being an ambassador for the brand, Cathy also learn about the company and visited them as well in the USA. How each products is made and to what purpose. hence she knows that the products are safe for the young and have educational benefits through learning with playing.

Understand more about
 ‘Musical Lion Walker’ here:

See what Cathy think about Musical Lion Walker, here:

You'll see the excitement of her kid as well as the mother.


All the guests also seems curious and interested with Musical Lion Walker, a new modern walker that help babies to walk by pushing forward. It is also comes with many buttons to pressed and musics that makes it more fun. It stimulates the motor and sensory in so many ways. Do open the link provided above regarding the product.


We are having fun during the event since the kids are having fun too. We get to challenge ourselves as parents on how to bring more quality products for the kids start when they are infant, baby, tods and all the way. 

Thank you so much Fisher Price ® and MommiesDaily for having us there. See you soon.

Don't forget to watch Cathy Sharon Baby Shower Party with Fisher Price on Trans 7, 20 September 2015 at 7 AM

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