Monday, September 14, 2015

Ioma Optimum Moisture Cream Day and Night

Hello everyone,

from the recent event with IOMA, which is like a year ago :D I was given a set of samples. These little babies are indeed useful. We can try them before committing into the whole bottle. Their prices might be a bit steep but their products are indeed works really well, contains no paraben and color too. Some also contain no fragrance, which is good for those who have sensitive skin.


 Each of the product comes with details and information, or you can simply open their official website for more details.


Like the product I'm going to share the review here at this particular post, the Optimum Moisture Cream Day and Night.

Proven Results      

  • Ensures the hydration supply to the skin
  • Restores and protects skin’s hydrolipidic film
  • Normalizes skin exfoliation

Texture Benefit

A light cream that quickly penetrates the skin.

Beauty Advice

Morning and evening, place a small amount of IOMA Optimum Moisture Day and Night Cream in the palm of your hand and rub until warm; then gently apply it to the whole face and neck, avoiding the eye contour area. This skincare product leaves your skin soft, hydrated and protected.


All the hydration series comes in light blue packaging and in number 1. So IOMA launches products in number series, 1 until 7.


The ingredients are written on the box like shown above, and below is the bottle inside the box. A pump bottle that ensure hygienic and proper dose of daily use. Twice a day, as a day and night cream.


The series itself comes with cleansing milk, toning lotion, serum, and mask. All for hydrating and UV damaged skin.


The cream itself is white and feels rich on the skin but not necessarily heavy. My skin feels comfortable using the cream, perhaps because my skin is dry lately and really in need of a perfect hydrating moisturizer that really promote hydration on the skin.

Like seriously, have you ever use a moisturizer that only stays on the skin and made the greasy and oily and just plain sticky, but doesn't do much for the skin. So the skin under those pile of moisturizer remains dehydrated, dry and of course, not happy.

Or moisturizer that simply too light, or felt like nothing, and does nothing, or worse, contains ingredients that actually making the skin drier and suffer due to the high alcohol and other chemicals that striping the moisture off the skin, over exfoliate and perhaps allergies as well.


IOMA Optimum Moisture Cream Day and Night provide moisture with effectiveness and targeting the dry skin cells without the problems from unnecessary 'cheap' ingredients. The immediate effect is a supple skin and relieves. My dry skin looks hydrated instantly and feel comfortable all day long. During night time, the cream also can be used as a night cream and help the skin stays moist all night long as well, so when I wake up in the morning, the skin feels good. Not taut and rough.

I still adding a serum before the moisturizer and so far it works just fine with serum from other brand, that also promote hydration.

Thank you so much IOMA, always been a fan of your products.

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