Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Itsy Luxury Nail Wraps

Hello all,

this is Itsy Luxury Nail Wraps.

Itsy come, Itsy go!
ITSY NAIL is a luxurious nail applique inspired by our love in today’s fashion and beauty, and expressing it in our nail applique at an affordable price point.
The brand was developed by a group of beautypreneurs that wanted modern women to get stunning nail art without spending countless hours and money in the nail salon.
We believe that our nail plays a big role in expressing our fashion statement. The color/design of our nails should change as often as our fashion and mood for the day.
ITSY NAIL has successfully developed a revolutionary product that is able to solve such problems.


It's a nail stickers made from real nail polish. Comes in tons of designs and colors, from The Classics, Glitterati, Love Triangle, Boudoir, Wild Things, and my favorites at Mixed Manis.

Out of those collections Itsy gave me 9 variants:
On the image above, from left to right --> direction:
Paradigm, Platinum, Birthday Suit, and Red Velvet

On the product below, from left to right --> direction:
Sunkissed, Deep Waters, Animal Instinct, Virgin Touch ,and Eclipse.


I've used two of them so far for the past few weeks and I enjoy the simplicity of using them. I'm not against a normal nail art in the salons or conventional nail polish that are still in liquid form and comes in many colors as well, but I do abhor the time spend waiting for them to be completely dry. Contrary to their 1 minute quick dry extravaganza, but the reality for each nail polish to completely dry are hours. And some even so difficult to harden that I always avoid using jeans or anything with zipper on the same day.

Imagine spending 2-3 hours at the nail salon only to get ripped off in the next 5 minutes (I'm talking about the nails). It's time consuming and highly nit effective. So when Itsynail contacted me, I'm thrilled!


Each set comes with a 14 sizes nail wraps sealed inside a foil, once you opened the foil use the nail wraps within 7 days or they'll harden as they are made from real nail polish after all. A nail file also provided and a guide at the back of the packaging or if you're not sure, do visit their official website and see the video.

It is literally as easy as 1,2,3.

Open the packaging, find which wrap fits the nail, stick them on the nails and buff the excess wrap, and you're done.

I've tried adding a top coat and it is not really needed as the wraps are good to go on their own.


These images will show you the simple steps in using the wraps.


Find that perfect match.

It happens to me that the smallest one fits my pinky nicely. Open the plastic wrap, peel them off the white plastic holder and stick it to the clean nail. Make sure that they are sticks to the 'roots' of the nail and all the way to the tip. Remove tiny bubbles when they appeared.


Removing the excess is easy peasy, just move them downwards direction and keep filing it till every side of it removed.


Or watch the video for a better view:


Try not to filing the excess in sideways direction like shown above and more to the one shown on the video.

But if you happen to be like me, sideways will also do, but gently, so they'll stick nicely and not moved sideways as well.


After finish, I can immediately do anything without worrying.

I know that gel nail polish also very quick in drying and setting time, but most of the salons here are still using the UV lights which is containing a risk of skin cancer. There are LED lights, but not a lot of salons have that, plus we still need to wait during application. And the cost too >.<

And the nails is set on me longer than liquid nail polish do too.


Since I'm a busy body, the nails stays on me for 1 week, and the damages are far less than the liquid nail polish, in fact they are still looking fine. Just tiny chips. But I want to change the design, I want to try another design and as simple as that, 5 minutes later, I'm using another design and color.

Taking them off is super easy, no need using a nail polish remover, just peel them off.


Thank you so much Itsy Nails.

Don't forget to get yours, a set only cost Rp.45.000. 

Better than many nail sticker I know and in friendly price as well. Thin, flexible and it simply works!

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