Monday, February 15, 2016

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Style My Eyebrow

Hello lovelies,

Eyebrow designing has been a real thing lately. It can either make or break one's look. Either thick or thin, bold or sheer, pencil, gel, even tint, mascara or getting a semi permanent embroidery, eyebrow has set business lines everywhere. It used to be tattoo during my mom's era, now, it seems like the technology and skill has getting better for a more 'natural' look.

Still, a simple pencil like this one does the trick for those who doesn't want to commit into a single trend and change it anytime they want.

Today I'm going to share about a pencil for eyebrow from The Face Shop called Lovely ME:EX Style My Eyebrow.


Mine is in 01 Grey brown shade and below is the swatch on my hand.


And the texture of the pencil is quite hard for me, it's like one of the 'sharpest' I've tried and a bit ouchy at first. I need to take it easy and reduce the pressure.

The pencil is like any other pencil but definitely not in a soft area in terms of material or shape, it is like normal pencil in a normal size, which is convenient. I actually prefer something that I don't need sharpening too, but the shade itself is pretty good and suits my colored hair nicely without being too light.


The result is a natural eyebrow that still need a bit of brushing (and it is not provided by the pencil), pretty resistant against daily things that might touch the eyebrows accidentally, but definitely easily removed when intentionally wiped off, even by fingers.


Overall, a good yet still affordable product by The Face Shop which is also available at Sociolla for your convenient (no need battling through traffic to get this one, just a few clicks and waiting as it will come to your doorstep), easy to be used, just be careful for those who are accustomed using a soft type as this one is a hard one, separate brush is needed and it comes in 3 similar shades of browns and 1 solid black.

Thank you.

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