Monday, February 1, 2016

Skin Rejuvenation TOUCH Beauty Asia

Hello everyone,

last week I was invited by TOUCH, a beauty clinic that offers services like hair removal, facial, and even underarm brightening.

Do check their official website:

You'll see options on their service, location and opening hours.


According to the staffs, TOUCH is famous for their permanent hair removal and the skin rejuvenation. I went there for Skin Rejuvenation and Underarm Brightening services.

The location of TOUCH I visited is at Menteng Central, not really convenient in terms of accessibility but inside the TOUCH itself is pleasant and comfortable.


The room is nice and clean, it is basic without TV, but wifi is provided. Still, for the skin rejuvenation my eye would be closed as well.


The process of Skin Rejuvenantion is pretty fast, around 35 minutes or so and the therapist do listen to me when I mentioned that my cheeks are very sensitive. Most place would insist that they do it gently, when it is so not true. My cheeks always ends with redness and irritation, but at the TOUCH, the therapist avoid the cheeks and only scrubs, gently peels and focusing the lights on any other area than the cheeks. Thank you so much for listening to me.

The result is a clearer skin with softness and radiance that I love. Dead skin cells are removed and the cheeks are still happy. Skincare absorbed better afterwards and makeup also applied finer as well.

My tips would be, bring your own skincare after the process, since they only provide an anti inflammation liquid and sunscreen. Do bring your own moisturizer.


And above is my underarm condition before and after the treatment. The treatment itself is really fast, around 15 minutes. Which include cleansing, applying some kind of peeling liquid for around 5 minutes and that's it.

According to the therapist, I need around 5 times for a total brightness.

Deodorant, excessive exercise, sun exposure is not allowed for around 4 days after the treatment.

The feeling is a bit tingling to almost itchy, but overall comfortable and convenient.


Above is me after the treatments and I'm pretty happy with the treatments I received that day, the result is fast, the treatments are convenient plus fast too. Everyone could have it during lunch time and they are ready to go.

After the Skin Rejuvenation it is similar to underarm brightening, avoid excessive sunlight, always use sunscreen, don't scrub nor peel the skin for more than a week, and avoid warm water too for a few days ahead.


Thank you so much TOUCH Beauty Asia, I love my skin even better now, clearer and brighter too.

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