Monday, February 15, 2016

Sociolla in Pinks

Hello lovelies,

It's February, and we're all into pinks.
In this month of Love, Sociolla also wants to share more love in their beauty box. More pinks, more love.


This month's box seems to be having difficulties making sure everything is inside the box, it is so full and satisfying.


From Utama Spice lotion in Rose, itsy Luxury Nail Wraps, samples from Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Cream and Clove Flower & Tumeric Serum to an Exstretch Mask from Menard.


Some of them are no longer strangers to me but the mask and serum are new to me. The serum from Juara is like a yellowish liquid gel (figured the color is from tumeric) and smells like Indonesian Jamu. It is light and as samples would be, too little to know the effect but we can test their compatibility with our skin, whether it promote allergies or discomforts. On me, it is pretty much comfortable.

Unlike the serum, the mask from Menard does have instant gratification and gives the skin that nice light firming effect. Comes in a set of mask in two, one for the lower part of the face and one for the upper. I figure as the lower part need a bit of boost more than the upper part. It is an interesting mask to try.

Overall, another beauty box that let you sniff and try a bit of products here and there.

Get yours from Sociolla and remember, for every Rp.200.000 purchase, use CAR50 during check out to get a Rp. 50.000 off.

Thank you Sociolla.

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