Thursday, February 25, 2016

Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum

Hello lovelies,

a few moment ago a brand contacted me and introduce their new products. I was offered this vitamim C serum. Located in South Jakarta, Votre Peau is still rather new, around one year old with a few products offered to the customer. Do check out their website for further info.


Votre Peau Vitamin C
  • Merupakan suatu produk kecantikan yang dibuat oleh seorang dokter yang ahli dalam bidang kecantikan.Menggunakan bahan organik dan diproses dengan teknologi terbaik. Vitamin C merupakan salah satu produk unggulan kami. 
Manfaat Serum Vitamin C :
Sebagai Antioksidan kuat yang melindungi kulit terhadap (polusi, matahari, iklim, AC, asap rokok, dsb).
  • Merangsang pembentukan dan peningkatan produksi kolagen kulit, yang akan menjaga kekenyalan, kelenturan, serta kehalusan kulit.
  • Mencerahkan kulit ( brightening effect ). Tanpa efek samping yang merugikan. 
  • Menyamarkan kerutan, kantung mata dan lingkaran hitam di bawah mata.
  • Mencegah luka jerawat dan mengecilkan pori.

Komposisi bahan Vitamin C serum :
  • Purified (Aqua)
  • Disodium EDTA
  • Vegetable thickening
  • Na metabisulfite antioxidant
  • Citric acid
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate

Cara Pemakaian Serum Vit C :

  • Aplikasikan tiga sampai empat tetes pada wajah dan leher.

  • Gunakan serum pada pagi dan malam hari secara teratur sebelum menggunakan cream perawatan wajah.


Au contraire to the introduction from the brand, the details regarding the product is pretty suffice on their website, from how to use to ingredients. But I don't see the percentage of the vitamin C since I've been using another vitamin c serum from another brand 10,5%.

Based on my personal experience and observation, the vitamin c in this serum is less or around 5 or 6%, which made the product pretty light and everyone could use it since some with sensitive skin could not even take vitamin c higher than 7,5%.

The texture is as seen on the image above, it is clear, gel-like, easy to be absorbed, slightly sticky at first but comfortable after absorbed and there's a slight of lemon scent hinted around 1 second. Using it as a serum is pretty light, in fact for me it was kinda too light, I guess the product suits best for those around early twenties or even slightly below. I can simply added another serum and it wont be a problem (at least so far). Any moisturizer used afterwards also doesn't work against each other. So, in my case, after trying it with numerous other products, it works just fine.

Do I see differences upon using it in an instant? Nope. It is a product that have to be kept used for an ample period of time before seeing a significant result, perhaps 4 weeks and on the skin that haven't really use serum or skincare diligently. Still, I do have expectancy upon this brand and willing to try another products from them since so far it didn't cause any discomfort from redness, allergic reaction, greasy nor acne, or any other form of reaction which is not preferred.

pros: lightweight, easy to be used on a cleaned and toned skin before moisturizer, anyone can use it male or female and the formula is pretty light. Price wise is more budget friendly that others in the market.
cons: it might took a while to see the 'dramatic' result.


Keep it away from the sunlight, since any product with vitamin, especially vitamin c need to be hide from the sun, keep it in a cool and shaded place.

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