Monday, February 1, 2016


Hello lovelies,

I'm back with Perfectil and ready to give you a review.

After consuming Perfectil each a day after a meal to make sure a full tummy (not after a snack or something light) little by little I see differences.

It's not something major since I do take care myself pretty well from the outside, like skincare, using the right shampoo, conditioner mask, lotions and even put on some nail oils, but I still do see significant results upon using Perfectil.


My hair feel and appear stronger. It's not as thick and luscious plus as much volume as I want it too, but they do appear stronger. When I have my hair done at the salon a few days ago, after the process, the hair doesn't dries out easily as before and even the stylist says my hair is weak. I still can't bleach it yet, but there's improvements on the condition.

For my nails, I'm happy to say that, the breakage is reduced. The last breakage is around 2 weeks ago when it is usually once a week. And the skin, hmm, I never have a problem with this area, perhaps a bit dry from time to time and it still is, but I do see radiance on my skin becomes better.

One thing that I like to add, my lashes. They appear darker and seems fuller. I'm not talking about my upper last which has been added with extension but the lower ones, the one that less than the upper.

The research does recommend taking the supplements for 3 months or so to see a more significant result.


Thank you Vitabiotics.

Perfectil is available at local pharmacy and drugstore such as Guardian.

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