Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SILKYGIRL Magic BB Oil-Control Pure Fresh Powder

Hello everybody,

This is a fresh product just arrived today at my mail and immediately went trough a test. Here are some of the benefits of the product:
1. Contain  SPF 45 / PA +++ is actually pretty good for daily use to help the skin survive under the sun.
2. Available in three shades, 01 Fair, 02 Natural, and 03 Rose Beige.
3. It is said to be No Shine, No Oil, No Fragrance, No Clog Pores and No Animal Testing.

And it contain a bunch of ingredients such as porous powder that absorb excessive oil, saw palmetto and rose fruit extract that visibly reduces pores vicinity, and hyaluronic filling spheres hydrates for a soft skin appearance all day long.

Selling price Rp. 55.000 which perhaps means budget friendly.


The compact itself is not big, but it has a relatively good mirror, sponge and the powder. I've tested the product on a damp slightly oily skin. So it's pretty messy. Usually, most powder will simply noodled and become very cakey. This one doesn't.


Since it is small and the price does made me underestimate the product. I forgot that during my college days, I used to wear cheap fake affordable products and since it's powder, I'm using it everyday and it's like the first thing that I run out. I forgot that 'these' kinds of product that people used to underestimate are the ones that truly works in a sense of makeup as it is.

The product may not infused with skincare as 'heavy' as the overpriced one, or inside a 22 carat gold packaging, plus perhaps not an Asahi Glass mirror, but in it's simplicity, it still deliver as it is.

The just right sun protection to the ability to absorb oil like dessert drinks water is just amazing. Those who have dry skin will definitely suffer and it is a product made for oily skin and all it's benefit from being oily. Did you know that oily skin get lines and wrinkles less than dry skin?! So stop complaining if you have oily skin, you'll love it in the end.


Back to the powder. I've tried it dry and I've tried it wet, using the same sponge the product just work. I love it better when it is wet since it can really act like a Magic BB. Since my skin is not oily, the result may not be as obvious as those who are, but I still can see some differences.


The skin tone is even, the skin appear brighter and I'm wearing number 02 which is natural. I think the product kinda like a Japanese powder which only share a few shades but do cater like all skin type which means the powder is somewhat transparent but have a good coverage. And as my skin is dry with normal to a bit oily on the tzone, I can feel the drought, it really taken all the oils. If you wear it for the whole day do drink plenty of water and during night time, enjoy a pampering watery sleeping mask that promote pure hydration on the skin. As oily means dehydration at times, drinking plenty of fluids and use watery sleeping mask never hurt.


Thank you SILKYGIRL for delivering spot on product that really controlling oil and perfect as a base, touch up and even after the skin gets messy with sebum the powder still can be applied. Dab, swipe, dry or wet, the sponge just follow your lead.


  1. Does it look cakey? And does help maintain oil to a certain degree or just blit oil so it doesnt look as greasy?

  2. On me it doesn't cakey, it's powdery at any level. It's a mattefying hence it's help reducing oils on eye level, however, it always depends on one's 'oil problem' of how oily you are. There's no way a reviewer can know whether it helps maintain oils on one's skin without knowing each other.