Monday, February 15, 2016

Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream

Hello lovelies,

this is Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream from Lancome which is considered as a new item. I met her during an invited visit to their newly designed counter at Mal Pondok Indah.

As Lancome is one of my favorite brand in the skincare and makeup plus perfume line, trying the moisturizer is like a pure pleasure of mine.


The cream’s silky texture blends seamlessly into your skin, leaving it feeling firmer and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Skin feels soft to the touch, lines and wrinkles look reduced, and your facial contours look more defined.

How to use:
Massage the cream in gently with your fingertips, making upward movements from the middle of your chin along the outline of the face and under the jaw to the bottom of the ears. Continue with the same movements but from the upper lip to the top of the ear. Then from the cheekbones to the temples. Finally, from the outer corner of the eyebrow moving up over the forehead to the hairline.


The cream itself comes in this pink milky creamy texture yet still like and gel-like. Fragrant but not overwhelming, calming in a way and perfect for normal to combination skin type. Since I have dry skin especially on the cheeks, I need more hydration on those areas hence tackling it with a good serum that promote intense moisturizing effect is still much needed.

The lifting effects are felt and seen after around 1-2 weeks where my skin has that lovely firm-like effect, almost like a set pudding. The product definitely can't be used alone, like toner, serum (mine for dry skin) , eye cream and night cream is still needed, for an overall effects you do need to use the whole package, but the day cream alone is not bad, it does give results.


I'm in a mid thirties and my skin does need something more than a plain hydration. From a personal experience, doing a simple massage with help getting those firmness I need and I need help on my neck and ehm double chin as well. Pulling them back and a pressure will help reducing water retention on those areas for a much more definer jawline.

Overall, a good day cream that works well in adding a lifting and firming action to the skin. As usual the texture is a bit thicker like most lifting creams but still pretty much comfortable. 

Definitely one of the cream worth trying for starting for mid thirties or when you see visible signs of sagging.

Can be used to help prevent and reduce sagging on areas such as forehead, cheeks, chin and in between.

Thank you Lancome Indonesia.

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