Thursday, February 25, 2016

COVERMARK Winter Coffret

Hello lovelies,

these are some of the babies I received during a recent event with COVERMARK, there are skincare and makeup such as the Winter Coffret.


On this post, I'll share about Jusme Color Winter Coffret that consist of an eye shadow palette and a lip gloss.


The product doesn't seem available on all of their official website (including Singapore's) and the details given on the packaging, which is readable to me, is the eyeshadow is named Y1 and the lip gloss is Y2.

Even thou they are born with simple code aka name, they work simply divide and wonderful.


Start from the silky and slippery yet provide enough color and lustrous gloss to my lips, it's Y2. So smooth, beautiful and doesn't have that one characteristic we all hate from a lip gloss, sticky, this one is not.

I'm using it on top of a lipstick, the lip gloss add tiny sparkles, watery like glossiness and the tiny tip able to made differences and goes as thin as a lip liner.


And here's Y1. The eyeshadows in trio shades of gold, rose gold and brown gold, all have that sparkles of gold and easy to be used thanks to the smooth and fine formula that doesn't falls out.

The color is pretty and has that immense kawaii look and gold glitters, I love using it on special occasion or on daily basis, it add some sp


Thank you so much COVERMARK Indonesia and Kawaii Beauty Japan for inviting me.

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