Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Redwin Vitamin E Cream

Hello lovelies,

this is REDWIN Vitamin E Cream with evening primrose oil.


The product comes in a jar container made out of plastic. The details is provided on the sides of the container, from ingredients, how to and function. 

The details on their official website are:

Nourish and soften your skin with Redwin Moisturiser with Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil.
Rich in natural moisturisers and with a protective barrier, Vitamin E blended with Evening Primrose Oil helps to lock in moisture deep within your skin so it continuously hydrates your skin all day. Helping to soften and smooth dry skin, reduce blemishes and increase skin elasticity.
Available in:
300g tub and 400ml Body Lotion
For best results apply generously all over your skin and then once absorbed reapply. Use everyday after showering with Redwin Sorbolene Body Wash and after sun exposure.

and yes, mine is the one in the tub.


Filled with 'juicy' looking white cream that feels light and fluffy. It has a slippery and velvety consistency at the same time rich and comforting too. It is wonderful and easy to be used.

Those with dry and sensitive skin like mine will enjoy the lanolin. It has the ability to moisturizes and nourish the skin, however,
the product still contain mineral oil and paraben though (ouch).


The cream has a light subtle scent, it is not overwhelming nor overwhelming. I'm using it after taking a shower, while my skin is still rather damp and it just glide on easily on the skin without greasy leftovers nor oily feeling.

I did enjoy using the product on daily basis, there's evening primrose oil in the ingredients too, it is famous to help reduce scar, 'heal' the skin and gives a gentle glow.


REDWIN itself is a brand that highlights on sensitive and dry skin, since they are Australian brand and the climate there is rather harsh for the skin, they need products that tackle those harsh climate. Hence REDWIN developed for dry and sensitive skin to survive.

In Indonesia, luckily, we are not within difficult climate, however, nowadays since many people are located inside a building or stays indoor with air conditioner most of the time, our skin gradually become dry and drier. Therefor the need of a lotion and/or cream to solve the problem is needed.


Look how beautiful the cream is. It is thick, rich and light at the same time. Comfortable to be used just about anytime and including after a sun burn.

It comes in a huge tub of 300gr, but I can easily move it to a smaller container so I can use the product anytime I want.

Thank you so much REDWIN.

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  1. Ahhh been dying to try this but it's hard to find the product offline here. :(

  2. Redwin favorit saya nih. Meski kurang higienis mesti colek sana-sini tetapi beneran bikin lembab.

  3. Setuju!!! Kurang hygienis, andai dia bisa dalam tube atau packaging lain.