Friday, November 18, 2016

The Soap Corner Bar Soap and Shampoo Bar

Hello lovelies,

here are some bar products from The Soap Corner. One for the body (as in soap) and the other is shampoo bar.

The handmade castile buttermilk bar soap is so gentle and feels so comfortable on my dry and sometime coarse skin. Sometime they even get eczema and that's why this kind of soap becomes very handy.


Almost no scent whatsoever, lathers mildly, and gives the skin that milky kinda feeling, which is soothing. I enjoy the feeling when using the bar soap, but they don't last long. A bar usually stays with me for 2 weeks max. Maybe I use it too much  or, hmm, I don't know, they just do.


Similar with the shampoo bar, it's also very comfortable to be used, but this one lathers easily when used on wet hair and plenty of water. When rinsed, the immediate feeling is squeaky clean and taut. Someone who are accustomed in using shampoo contained silicone, may not get used to this kind of feeling (as in 'seret). The first thing noticed is the tangled, even after using conditioner or hair mask, oh they do help, still, those knots are there. Smoother, with all those creams of conditioner but still stiff compared to using shampoo with silicone. Nevertheless, silicone are bad for the scalp, it will clogged and later on causing hair loss as the hair growth is disrupted.


Using shampoo bar from The Soap corner help clean the scalp without causing problems in the short to long terms. It was known that these kind of shampoo bar is 'detoxing' the hair from all the chemicals and other things that has been sticking on our hair. During this 'detox' time, the hair are usually becomes stiff, keep using it until we are used to the condition and the hair will become ... like hair again. Just use a tangle teezer during those tangled moments.

Thank you so much The Soap Corner, my skin is getting better thanks to the Soap and the scalp is definitely happier too being de-clogged and they are breathing happily as well.

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