Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Speedy Perfect Whip

Hello lovelies,

those whose been to Japan (or perhaps Singapore) or been reading posts from bloggers that loves Japanese products must have know Speedy Perfect foaming facial wash, I did my share and have it reviewed too and now, it comes in a formula that even easier than before, in a liquid that when put into their container will automatically becomes that perfect foam.


Toss away those nets and just pump some beautiful ready to be used foam, I normally use two pumps for my face and neck. It cleanse well like the their tube formula (after being foamed up) and keep the skin moist as well. I love as the foam feels ticklish, since it is tiny and when left on the skin for a while, I can silently hear they are popping.

The skin feels clean yet still silky, it's something that perhaps made everyone fell in love using the product. However, when using waterproof makeup, do remove them well with a cleansing oil first, and then use Speedy Perfect Whip as the double cleanser. It removes leftovers from the makeup remover too, so no more pesky oily residue.


I'm using the cleanser on daily basis and even let the whole family use the foam. It is pretty gentle and suitable, even for kids. It has a mild floral scent, white and fluffy. Test the density of the foam by putting it up side down on the palm, it'll stay.

Massage the foam on a wet skin, it cleanse and the first thing you'll notice is how silky the skin is when using the product, no taut nor tight feeling is felt. Squeaky clean is only good for the floors and not for the skin.


Definitely recommended!!!

I got mine fresh from Japan.

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