Friday, November 18, 2016

The Soap Corner Tinted Lip Balm

Hello lovelies,

The Soap Corner, one of my favorite natural brand out there, is now making Tinted Lip Balm.

Using only the best for our skin, The Soap Corner also made lip balm with those safe natural ingredients. Hence sometimes when needed I let my kids use their products.


The Tinted Lip Balm came in two variant, one in Pink Bubblegum and the slightly more tinted one in Sexy Red Vanilla. And yes, their scent is a bit like their names, bubblegum and vanilla.

The packaging is simple and the details are provided minimally, so you may need to check their instagram account for more details regarding the product.


Lip Balm itself is not mandatory for me, in fact I'm not really a fan of lip balm since most of them is simply too greasy and oily. Even the mildest one gave me that balmy feeling.

The Soap Corner Tinted Lip Balm is definitely not oily nor greasy, it's a bit balmy but very thin and I consider their texture to be the lest problematic compared to any other lip balm I've tried and the most comfortable for daily use in Indonesia.


Since we live in tropical island, our climate is still humid and away from dryness, but some people do live inside buildings on daily basis and air con has become their allies. The skin becomes dryer and so does the lips.

Lips also represent the water content inside of us, those who doesn't drink enough fluid usually have dry chapped lips. When we are unwell, having fever or sick, the lips also become very dry, lip balm can be very useful and helps reduce the uncomfortable feeling of painful lips.


Back to Tinted LIp Balm, these two babies may look similar, but when applied on the skin, clearly visible that Sexy Red Vanilla is red and the Pink Bubblegum is kinda like a frost pink. Cool colors for sure!


Below is me using Pink Bubblegum. It definitely give me a frost pink shiny lips. This is definitely interesting as metallic lips are IN at the moment.

The scent is adorable and the feeling on the lips is comfortable. I can use lipstick and even matte liquid lipstick afterwards and they are just fine. My lips doesn't crack as when using none.


Sexy Red Vanilla, surprisingly, doesn't goes as red as when swatched on my hand. It has that reddish shade but very mild.

I'm using Sexy Red Vanilla on the image below.


There you go, if you prefer something like frost pink, choose pink bubblegum, and a bit like red hues, choose Sexy Red Vanilla. Both give the lips a coat that protects without any greasy nor oily feeling. They also smells really good and doesn't have any dangerous ingredients in it.

Thank you The Soap Corner.


  1. Staying power-nya gimana, Ci? kemasannya gemesin sih

  2. standard seperti lip balm pada umumnya.