Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rimmel Lasting Finish Creamy Lip

Hello lovelies,

I'm back with another lipstick for today review, it's from Rimmel Japan. It cost 1300 yen each and they have 10 shades in total and I'm only interested in one of them, shade 014.


  • color, luster, moisture of Tsuketate continues!
    Petroleum is highly blended with high fitness to lips such as petrolatum.
    Two types of fit powder are also compounded to increase the fit to the lips
    It keeps the membrane firmly, so time passes, but freshly attached beauty continues.
  • melt like soft creamy touch It melts softly and spreads when you melt with melted oil and soft spherical powder at body temperature.
  • finish plump Boryumyi lips Soft spherical powder has soft focus effect, While glossy, fluffy fluffy lips finish.
  • It is not clear color of turbidity It is clear coloring because it is not blended with a dampable powder wetting with oil.
  • protect the rough easy lips Beauty liquid component, emollient ingredients
  • mirror with cap
  • Unscented
The name of shade 014:
Sexy and mode

Movement of the atmosphere


I don't have an individual swatch, it's the one far right. Rimmel Lasting Finish Creamy Lip shade 014, my pick for this autumn.

The lipstick has a very smooth and glossy texture, it is not as pigmented as I want it to be, rather sheer, but not too sheer. Definitely very moisturizing and hydrating, but it's also rich. Suitable for dry climate in keeping the lips super moist but could be a problem in the humid and hot climate in Jakarta.

It's not waterproof nor great staying power, but it's there as long as I don't wipe it off. Slightly staining but very mild, I think the main focus of the lipstick is the 'creaminess'.


I wish the lipstick could be more pigmented than this. It's glossy and a bit sheer to my taste, so perhaps, this is more like a tinted lip glossy balm instead of lipstick.


What do you think? Which one is your preference? A glossy lipstick with sheer color, or highly pigmented? Rimmel has it all but perhaps in Japan, this kind of lippies is more popular.

See you on my next post!!

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