Tuesday, November 8, 2016

B&Soap Fun Block Shampoo Bar

Hello everyone,

I'm back with another product from B&Soap for their wonderful shampoo bar.


This one is yellow and it has lemon inside, hence the smell is citrus and fresh. I love using it as it made my scalp feels so fresh, the hair does become stiff and the volume is just doubled.

Easy to be lathered on wet hair and I continually add more water for it to bubbled up. I prefer made some lathers first on a bowl  like container and then use that soapy water on my hair. When I rub the bar on the hair, it tends to make the hair tangled here and there.

Using a hair mask or conditioner on the hair (not scalp) is really important after the shampoo time is finished as my hair is super dry and damaged. Without conditioner or hair mask, my hair would stuck and be so difficult to be brushed.


Anyone who have scalp problem should try fun block, I also recommend this shampoo bar for those who use cap on daily basis or have oily scalp problem. Those whose hair gets easily dirty, sweaty, and even smelly. They will experience the most from the first use, the scalp will feel so clean and without making them dry, fresh and smells citrus-ey good too.

I know that this kind of shampoo helps detoxing the scalp and hair too from buildable products. So don't be surprise to see and feel your hair natural texture, it might not be as smooth and filled with silicone anymore but rest assure, they can breath better, and in the end, it helps the hair and scalp to becomes healthy and of course, the growth are well maintained too.


This is a highly recommended product, will definitely review some more from B&Soap and hopefully soon.

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