Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bathox Aromatherapy Pure Lavender & Chamomile Oil

Hello lovelies,

I love soaking in a bath tub, for me it's like the perfect way to wash away the stress, added a few more aromatherapy candles, bath fizzes and when the combination is right, it's like sublime.

When I want a more smoother skin that make the skin glisten. I add a bit of body oil in the water, but don't mixed it, as oils sometimes made the bubble less bubbly.

This is my first time trying Bathox and I have high expectation for the aromatherapy as it is written clearly on the bottle. Little that I know, the scent is very mild, like too mild to my favorite.


The bubbles at the other hand is abundant, it's luxurious, smooth and can be used as a shower gel too, perhaps, better as a shower gel as the aroma is more 'felt' or noticeable compared to when bathing in one.

Perhaps, I'm the kind of person that prefer stronger scent or perhaps it's this one that too faint, either way, I did add a bit more lavender essential oils to my bath mix for a more relaxing effects.



wonderful product that did moisturize the skin and nourished while cleansing, so the skin doesn't feels dry after bathing or showering, Bubbles up real good but doesn't really "aromatherapy" for me.

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