Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Masque Maison

Hello lovelies,

After more than a month trying products from Masque Maison, consist of several masks, scrub, toner and essence, finally I can share my review for them.


Details on the product is available at Instagram: @MasqueMaison
food grade mask.
Wa: 081808884590

These are the new packaging.

The mask are also known as Kefir mask, and the variant shown here are sold in:
Chocolate, Green, Violet, Black.


The first thing I noticed is the smell. If you've been reading reviews on these kind of masks, then you'll definitely know that many reviewers are talking about the smells that like cheese or fermented casava (or tape in Bahasa).

And these jars of 6 comes in slightly different formula, one with charcoal, scrub, green tea, lavender and chocolate - like.

The first thing I've tried is the one that perhaps considered as 'original'.


The natural masque are said to help 'detoxing' the skin and later on revealing a much more smoother, soft, and brighter looking skin. But the process consist of purging to acne. There's various reaction to even redness and itchy sensation.

I must say, I'm not enjoying the process to the least possible way, it was very itchy at first (any variant there is), so I suggest to use the product as it is:

Clean the skin thoroughly and use the toner provided. Use the mask on the skin but for the first use, no need to bear until it was completely dry, wait for until you can't take it anymore and cleaned them thoroughly, apply hydrating toner and moisturizer afterwards.

On the next day, add a bit more time and so on. So let's say on the first day you could only last 5 minutes with the mask, it's okay, on the next day try to stay until 7 minutes, and then on the next day 10 minutes, and so on, until one day, the skin can stands until it is dry.

This method helps me a lot as my sensitive skin gradually able to use the mask until it is dry. And I only have minor problems with purging and acne, cleaning the mask thoroughly after each use help the purging and acne to be less problematic.


And I do experimenting with the product, as it has different function according to each 'added' ingredients and I can simply use it as I please on each areas.
After a while, the skin will get use to the formula and the smell doesn't really bothers me after the first week went off.


Here are the up close look of the formula and as seen, they look slightly different one to the other. The scrub is mild and comfortable for the body, it does gives me itchy feeling too at first. But for those with very dull skin should be able to see the differences from the first week. As for me, I can't really see much of a differences after 4 weeks, like I haven't deal with acne nor purging, I always have smooth skin, so in the end, the product just gave me purging and acne for no reasons.


It does give me a slight brightening effect and a more even skin tone, but not really visible enough when I took some pictures.


In the end, these kind of products suits those who wants natural ingredients only and perhaps has been looking for products that is hand made and perhaps home made too. Can stand the 'detoxing' period and able to keep the mask in the fridge at all times. Because the product is 'freshly made' keeping them in the cool and dry place is a must.

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