Saturday, November 19, 2016

Original Source Body Lotion

Hello lovelies,

fresh news!!! Original Source Indonesia now have body lotions and they smell so good!!!

I was so excited meeting new items from Original Source a few weeks back in one of the biggest supermarket in Indonesia. They are having promos too.

I saw that they now have body butter, new variants of shower gels, body lotion, body spray and even body oils too. Someday I'll get them all, so I can smells so good with different scent on each day.


The two item I'm going to share in this post is their Mango Body Lotion and Mint & Tea Tree Body Lotion. One smells so fruitiliciously good and the other so minty fresh, so cold and the tea tree is like a a wonderful addition to the skin. Tea Tree oil has been known to be an antibacterial agent, when applied on the back and shoulder, perhaps it'll help reduce the acne as well.


Both of them comes is in white lotion texture, when compared side by side, there's minor differences between the lotion (mango, slightly yellowish, min & green tea, slightly greenish). However the smell is like so far apart, one is a tropical fruit and the other is so minty fresh, like super minty. But the Mango also give me a slight cooling effect too on the skin, it's not minty cold but cooling too.

Both scent last quite a while too, definitely last longer when using the shower gel, body spray and even body oil too. I smell like mango or minty all day long. Imagine using the mint on a hot muggy day, it'll help the skin and feeling to cool off.


Here are the ingredients inside each product. Above is mango in yellow tube, below is mint & tea tree in green tube.


As seen, they both contains alcohol, glycerin, shea butter and other things too, some of the 'special ones' are the key ingredients on each variant, like mango fruit extract or peppermint oil.


they are both a very good lotion that moisturized my skin without any greasy nor oily feeling afterwards, so it's very much comfortable and the key ingredients made the products even more special. Smells so good and feels superb on the skin. Original Source has always been my favorite brand for their ingredients, effects on the skin and variations. Looking forward for more of their products.

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