Saturday, November 5, 2016

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge

Hello lovelies,

It's here, well at least soon for every customer in Indonesia. They'll be available within next week in all the counters of Make Up For Ever. 46 shades, creams and matte finish lippies, high pigmented and gorgeous colors.


Here are a few of the shades, the range are varied from super bright deep red, black, white, purple, to the world most lovely nudes.

Artist Rouge Mat and Artist Rouge Cream that comes in black and silver packaging, sleek, sophisticated and smooth.


Greetings from people behind Make Up For Ever started the event with a bang.


Tosca, lavender, navy blue, to electric pink.

ARTIST ROUGE MAT has a high-pigment formula for one stroke coverage and a spectacular 10 hour wear.
(15 shades)

ARTIST ROUGE CREME has a high-pigment formula for one stroke coverage and a spectacular 8 hour wear.
(32 shades)

Hmm the total should be 47 shades, which one of them not available here in Indonesia?


During the event, for sure the first thing I do is trying all the lippies and yes, they are all new, no one use it and all in perfect shape.

My favorite is M501, Plum Violet, I couldn't get my hands off it, I know I want to try other colors but I have this one the longest.

It is matte (M means Matte) and super pigmented, rather dry a bit and stays on the lips really well. As long as I don't eat something oily.


The creams has many shades, like more than 30 and they are gorgeous.

Look at me with C104 Praline Beige. The nude is perfect for me as it gives me a hint of subtle peach, somehow it made my skin appear brighter.


Below is me using C 506 Dark Purple, and I love it, it still have slight reddish hue on my lips and I look so good in it. The shade made my skin super fair and the texture is just superb. I love how smooth it is and intense. Oh never get it swiped off without a proper cleanser or you'll ended up getting the worst smudge ever, like having bruises all over your mouth.

Treat them well and this unbeatable gorgeous color is yours.


C 502 Taupe Violet, it's so bright and vivid. It's not something that I can use everyday, but the color is still so gorgeous, unique and rocks!


C 603 Midnight Blue, this one is the talk of the town, definitely!

It's limited edition, superb and yes, the pigment is like all there. I know that it supposed to be weird, but it's not and looks pretty. Almost everyone is intrigued by color and using it during the event.


Which one is your pick? Well whatever shade you pick, they'll definitely beautiful and one definitely find that one, or five perfect shade that they'll want, without a tad more. As every shade made with care, we may just see it as hints by hints, but it made a huge differences to ones skin tone.

Thank you so much Make Up For Ever Indonesia.


  1. ci nelin, OMG the colorrss... mupengen pengen coba, tapi pasti aneh banegt haha... btr the Taupe Violet really looks good on you.. ^^

  2. Thank you Hisafu, iyaa, warna-warna MUFE menggoda sekalii dan banyak pilihan :D