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Visionnaire by Lancome - Product Review

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Is Visionnaire an All-In-One product?
VISIONNAIRE is an all-in-one product twice over! It works against the appearance of wrinkles*, pores* and skin texture imperfections and can be applied to the face up to the eye contour area, morning and evening.

*Clinical study

Can Visionnaire be used by women of all ages?
Whatever her age, if a woman wants to correct the appearance of skin texture imperfections such as visible pores, unevenness, acne marks, fine lines or wrinkles, then VISIONNAIRE is ideal. It has been tested on women from 38 to 60 years old. After 6 weeks, 84% saw an improvement in the overall appearance of their skin.*

*Based upon the self-assessment of the total of all consumers tested at 4 and 6 weeks

How often can I use Visionnaire?
VISIONNAIRE can be used all year round, every day morning and evening. It is safe for all skin types, even sensitive skins.

What are the long term effects?
During our consumer studies, VISIONNAIRE was applied twice a day, morning and night, for 6 consecutive weeks.

At 6 weeks*:
- Overall skin appearance is improved: 84%
- Wrinkles look reduced, smoothed out: 78%
- Pores look less visible: 83%
- Skin imperfections look minimized: 78%
- Skin texture is refined: 84%

*Based upon the self-assessment of the total of all consumers tested at 4 and 6 weeks

What are the benefits Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%]?
VISIONNAIRE works against the appearance of wrinkles*, but also improves the appearance of enlarged pores* and skin texture imperfections, such as acne marks. In addition, VISIONNAIRE is safe for all skin types, even sensitive skins. It can be applied every day, morning and night under your Lancôme moisturizer.

*Clinical study

Can I use Visionnaire during the summer? Do I have to use special UV protection?
The molecule in VISIONNAIRE, LR 2412, is light-stable and does not create photo-sensibility. So the answer is yes, VISIONNAIRE can be used all year round, even in the summer. However, in addition to Visionnaire, we always recommend to protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays, particularly, of course, in the summer. For maximum protection, we recommend to apply Bienfait UV SPF 50+ every morning, over your Lancôme moisturizer.

Is Visionnaire suitable for all skin types, even sensitive?
VISIONNAIRE has been tested on all skin types, even sensitive, and was well tolerated throughout all the tests we performed on a total of 800 women.

Does Visionnaire work on all skin tones?
VISIONNAIRE has been tested on all skin tones* with excellent results. For detailed results by skin tone, click on the "Explore the Results" tab below.

*Multi-ethnic study -test conducted on the 6 Fitzpatrick phototypes

What is LR 2412? How does it work?
LR 2412 is a molecule designed to propel through skin layers. On its path, it triggers a cascading series of micro-transformations* and acts biologically on the 12 key targets of aging*. LR 2412 is a small molecule. It is also amphiphilic, which means it is able to merge naturally with both aqueous and lipid structures in the skin. As soon as it is applied, LR 2412 therefore merges with surface lipids without impairing skin's barrier function. It is such a visionary molecule that it is now protected by 20 International Patents!

*Based on in-vitro testing

Is LR 2412 natural?
We synthesized LR 2412 using a process that respects the main principles of Green Chemistry. The process by which it is obtained was designed, developed and optimised for maximum environmental-friendliness.

What is the inspiration behind LR 2412?
When plants are damaged, they produce a "signal molecule". This activates the healing of the damaged tissues and also serves to make them more resistant. Within plants, it is this "signal molecule" that triggers the action of repair and defence mechanisms. The challenge of our Research was to mimic its ability in a compound that it's in affinity with human skin. Our Research created and studied around 20 derivatives of this substance. Out of these studies, the molecule LR 2412 was born.

Why did it take so long to develop?
These 12 years represent the sum of the time it took to create 20 compounds, all of which belong to the jasmonate family, and to carry out formulation trials to test their stability, safety and performance. The final result of this long development process is a single molecule that is now protected by 20 International patents.

Is 20 Internacional patents a good thing?
These 20 International Patents, as well as the presentation of LR2412 at the World Congress of Dermatology in Seoul, South Korea, this spring, aid in validating our scientific discovery.

How do I add Visionnaire into my beauty routine?
VISIONNAIRE corrects the appearance of wrinkles*-pores*-unevenness. Like all serums, it should be used morning and night under your favourite Lancôme moisturizer. It can be integrated into your routine in addition to your usual products. It has a non-oily formula which means that it will not make your skin sticky if you layer it with other products.

*Clinical study

What types of cosmetic procedures did the women who used Visionnaire put off?
The women recruited to this study originally considered undergoing a cosmetic procedure such as hyaluronic acid injections, chemical peeling or laser sessions*.

*After 4 weeks of consumer use. Consumer evaluations of women 35 to 49 years tempted by hyaluronic acid, laser or chemical peeling. Results not equal to a medical procedure.

If I don't have any wrinkles, how will the formula work on my skin?
In that case, VISIONNAIRE will help perfect your skin's texture and visibly correct other issues that tarnish the beauty of your skin, such as enlarged pores* or texture imperfections, such as acne marks.

*Clinical study

What is the difference between Visionnaire and Génifique and when should I use them? Can I use them one after the other, and if yes, in what order? Or should I alternate morning and evening?
GÉNIFIQUE and VISIONNAIRE do not have the same function: Génifique is a base treatment to be used at any age; it is the first step in any beauty routine. It boosts the activity of genes* and stimulates the production of youth proteins** to give you younger-looking, noticeably more radiant skin in 7 days.
Visionnaire is a corrective treatment that smoothes out the appearance of wrinkles***, tightens pores*** and reduces the appearance of imperfections such as acne marks.

*In vitro tests on genes

**Clinical study on skin proteins associated with young skin - France

**Based upon the self-assessment of the total of all consumers tested at 4 and 6 weeks

Can it replace Génifique in my routine?
No! One cannot replace the other as they perform different functions. Instead, these two treatments are complementary. You can layer these two products, Visionnaire after Génifique, or alternate between the two, Génifique in the morning and Visionnaire in the evening.

Can I use it under Foundation or a Sunscreen?
Yes, of course! VISIONNAIRE can be coupled with all these products and included in all beauty routines.

Can I use Visionnaire during the summer? Overnight? In the eye contour area?
VISIONNAIRE is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skins and can be used all year round, morning and night even in the summer time.

I know the details above is really long but I do feel the urge to share it with you all and it really answers all the questions that you probably have and the rest can be answered by my personal experience.

I've been using the product for almost 10 days, I think, sorry, I've been sick for more than 2 weeks, it's hard to keep track, but do take note that whenever I'm sick my skin will suffer with me. Those fever, dehydration, lack of sleep and nutrients take their tolls on every single thing of my being. And yet, using Visionnaire, makes my skin look so damn gorgeous! I am talking about the smoothness, hydration, and the youth it brings. My face looked Photoshopped. 

The texture is like a light cream that smell lovely, reminds me of a white flowery fragrance, the cream just dissolve on the skin ( I use 2,5 pumps everytime to my facial and neck ), and the best one also lies in the fact that, IT WORK WELL WITH ANY MOISTURIZER. I've tried Visionnaire with Hydra Zen, Genifique, Kiehl's, Biotherm, L'Occitane, and yes still some more. It is just wonderful. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer (lotion) can be quite oily sometimes, yet with Visionnaire it's just click! Visionnaire somehow makes my moisturizer penetrate better, my skin look great with any moisturizer put on top of it.

I am astonished by Visionnaire, the only problem now is that once you've tried it, it would be really difficult not to get hooked, you'll love that finer pores and complexion, and I just used the product for 10 days, will I keep using it? You can't stop me even if you try heehee ^__^


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