Monday, December 19, 2011

Precious Cream by L'Occitane

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L’OCCITANE has improved the Precious Cream formulation by developing a new Immortelle Cell Extract for which a second patent was received. The new extract boosts the natural occurring mechanisms that aid your skin’s ability to correct deep wrinkles and maintain elasticity and smoothness. Applying this rich and luxurious cream results in visibility firmer and smoother skin with less lines. Ruscus and Holly extracts also help lighten dark areas and relieve puffiness.
Consumer test on 53 women over 4 weeks:
89% Skin is smoother
81% Skin is firmer

Price Rp.650.000 for 50 ml

My review:

The white cream feels like a soft smooth white butter that smells like heaven. A fresh tiny flower burst into small particles and filled your skin with awesome goodness. I love the smell as I like the refreshing floral moisture on my skin as well. The feeling is like being loved and cared for and I can see my self using this products over and over again. If you feel too heavy to use it on day time, especially for those with oily skin, you can use the product for night cream and it will gives you the just it need. Your skin will love it where it feels like they are drinking out of a spring.

Suitable for long use, traveling, in a dry places like inside air conditioned room continually, or when you're unwell and need rejuvenation. Yes, during fever your skin also suffer from the heat, this cream might do you good and help cools down the skin and kept them supple all through the pain ^___^ , yes, they are that comforting.


  1. Can u show me full pic of this cream? How to buy it? My email

  2. Dear Anon,

    Why don't you look at their official website? just type in "Precious Cream" at their search box.