Monday, December 5, 2011

L'Oreal Professionnel Hair Spa (for dry and damaged hair)

Sensory System 2: Which is a creambath cream corresponding with scalp concentrate. Use as you do creambath, on clean shampooed hair (dry with towel only), massage the cream in and leave them for 10-15 minutes with warm towel (or my way, with plastic shower cap), rinse thoroughly and voila! A smooth hair afterwards.

You can read them easily on the packaging of how to use, what I like about it is the fact that the product is made in and invent in Indonesia. Yes, creambath is from Indonesia. I even know that some foreigners from abroad come to Indonesia just to have a creambath. Some beauty saloon already try to have these service abroad with a whooping high price 10x compared to in Indonesia, so L'Oreal Professionnel perfected the cream to enhance the original method for a way better result.

The cream is thick like any other creambath cream but have a silkier and smoother texture. The scent is like a fresh musk with a powdery touch. A floral and delicate too. I think it's a sign of a sophisticated product.

I recommend to do the hair spa once a week for a dry and damaged hair while if you have combination condition (oily scalp and dry ends) avoid using the product on the scalp. Some staff on the beauty saloon also recommend washing the hair with shampoo afterwards instead of rinsing it only. I don't agree. Just simply avoid using the product near the scalp would be okay. Since you will throw away the nourishment as well.

Will I use it again? Definitely, I really like pampering my hair and the scent is lovely too.

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