Thursday, December 15, 2011

Viva Cosmetics

I just got a package from Viva Cosmetic today and everyone can also get it, just by signing in at, register, fill in all the necessary data and you're done! Wait for their confirmation email and confirmed by clicking in the link given on your email.

I heard that you can get different items, here's what I get: Face Mask, Rose Water, 3 types of tubes, lipstick, face powder in natural tone and a booklet.

Thanks Viva Cosmetic for the goodies ^__^

Viva Cosmetic is made in Indonesia.


  1. Iya sis,isinya beda2,peeling cream-nya enak banget,ga kasar dan pas dibilas kulit terasa lembut,kalo masker baunya mirip mujizat tolak jerawat Sariayu,ada bau belerang dikit :)

  2. Thanks for the info, Carnellin!
    Segera meluncur *bancigratisan* ;)

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  3. You're welcomed Yuri :) and thanks for the input Mutiara ^^

  4. makasi infonyaa...meluncur langsung ke TKP :)