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Seeing Osteoporosis, Observe and Fight!

We've been hearing the word Osteoporosis for a long time, we know that it's a condition that 'attack' human when they are old, or is it? How old are we talking about? 60? 70? We'll get back to that later on.

Meanwhile nowadays from the government almost all over the world including Indonesia has started a campaign in drinking more milk, remember 'Got Milk?', 'Why Milk?', or just the 'Milk', where milk are known to contain a lot of nutritional values that benefit ones body, but the main focus of milk intake is for the bones as milk provide calcium and vitamin D. 

Human need their bones as it is the main structure of our body, like a building without the pillar or column which holds the whole frame, it will collapse. When we were a baby, we need milk as the main source of our survival, it provide all the important diet in a go including colostrum (from human's milk). As we kept on growing our organs and oral function keep on developing as we need solid food.

Then shall we forget about the milk? We shan't, here's why.

(Graph taken from Google Search)

Human need calcium everyday, baby need around 200-260mg/day depends on the age, children needs a whooping 700-1300 mg/day, while adult needs around 1000-1200 mg/day. Milk is known to be a high concentration of calcium and the calcium in milk can be absorbed plus other values of vitamins and minerals that help the calcium to work better. A bit of info, Calcium works better with Vitamin D and Magnesium.

Can't we get Calcium by other source? Sure! Fish, kelp, soy milk, and many more but none get the credit for being an excellent source of Calcium other than milk by most expert.

Now we know more about Calcium but we need to know more about stuff/things/habit that contribute to Calcium deficiency, or as known as Osteoporosis. Smoking, excess drinking of alcohol, consuming soft drinks, malnutrition, underweight, etc. So even though you drink or take enough Calcium and Vitamin D plus other nutrition such as protein per day for your frame, yet the daily habit doesn't support, it will not be optimum.

(Both Image of No Smoking Sign and Exercise are from Google Search)

Osteoporosis ought to be opposed with totality from daily intake, habit and workout. By daily intake means drinking milk, eat food that contained a lot of nutrition that help Calcium absorbance, protein and vitamin D. Habit such as healthy habit, sleep well, no smoking, less alcohol, reduce drinking soft drinks, and many more. Working out means exercise daily according to your body needs. Seems easy right?

Again, there are some twist to it. As we can't just push our self over the limit during the exercise, or taking poor quality food, the same thing happen with milk. Everything need to be done/measured in the exact amount and standard that match our body requirement.

This is where Anlene with Fonterra, the Dairy for life takes part in our life. By producing high Calcium milk with other nutrition that match our daily need.

Beside providing consumer with proper intake with their milk, they are also having various workshops to the media and guests, Anlene and Fonterra keep educating the society about the importance of keeping our bone healthy, this is the pictures taken during the workshops and quotes from the speaker, expert and spokesperson.

“Lebih dari 40% orang bisa beresiko terkena Osteoporosis pada usia 35 tahun. Analisa dari pemeriksaan kepadatan tulang yang dilakukan Fonterra di Asia menunjukkan bahwa perempuan di Indonesia memiliki tingkat resiko tertinggi di Asia, yaitu berkisar antara usia 25 sampai 65 tahun,” ujar Vienno Monintja, Category Marketing Director Fonterra Brands Indonesia.

“Yang harus dipahami masyarakat saat ini adalah pentingnya menjaga kondisi tulang, apalagi pada umumnya puncak kepadatan massa tulang tercapai pada usia 25 sampai 35 tahun,” kata dr Siti Annisa Nuhonni, SpRM. “Menjaga kesehatan tulang, lanjut nya, hanya membutuhkan cara-cara yang sederhana tetapi seringkali yang menjadi masalah adalah kurangnya niat dan kesungguhan.”

Oleh sebab itu, menurut dr Fiastuti Witjaksono, SpGK, sangat penting untuk berkomitmen pada diri sendiri menjaga kepadatan tulang sejak usia muda, apalagi ras Asia adalah yang paling rentan terkena Osteoporosis.  “Mereka yang mempunyai resiko secara genetik berpotensi lebih besar, juga mereka dengan tubuh atau proporsi tulangnya kecil,” tegasnya.

(Please do use Google Translation if needed)

Reading from the quotes above, I started to think about myself and women on my age. I am in the 25-65 years old. So when the popular thought where Osteoporosis only happen for those in the 60's or 70's, the number actually begin from 25. Being Indonesian, Asian and lack of effort is like the most probable person to get an Osteoporosis, and I think I need to do something about it, well, all of us need to do something about it. That's why Anlene and Fonterra are taking a big leap to hand in hand helping the society fighting Osteoporosis.

Right now with "Scan the Nation" on their Facebook page, Anlene and Fonterra created an awareness and a fun interactive way for the public to understand better, we do know that there's a power in knowledge. Don't forget to check their website for further info regarding Anlene and Fonterra.

Now, we understand the need of Calcium and the fight against Osteoporosis, but where's the urgency, why Osteoporosis is such a big issue?

These are the information I got from

Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by a decrease in the density of bone, decreasing its strength and resulting in fragile bones. Osteoporosis literally leads to abnormally porous bone that is compressible, like a sponge. This disorder of the skeleton weakens the bone and results in frequent fractures (breaks) in the bones. Osteopenia is a condition of bone that is slightly less dense than normal bone but not to the degree of bone in osteoporosis.

So imagine yourself just doing your normal activity and suddenly your bones are easily breaking. Remember the movie "Unbreakable" by Bruce Willis? Where he plays the superhero whose never been sick or injured, yes, now remember his opponent, 'Mr. Glass', where his bone is easily breaking, like glass. Osteoporosis is like that in severe condition.

(X-ray taken from Google Search)

Person who suffer from Osteoporosis will need a special care, like a nursing home or someone to keep an eye on them almost all the time. This will definitely cost money, more effort and a lot of pain since the patient will not be able to work per normal, restricted traveling moreover adventurous travel and decreasing life's quality. Not yet medication, therapy and hospital/clinic bills. It is very stressful too, imagine you have to take care someone like that, you'll be worry most of the time.

Now prevention do sound a lot better correct?

Are there any early signs for Osteoporosis? Unfortunately, there are none. That's why some says this is a silent disease. Usually people who suffer Osteoporosis know their condition once they have a painful fracture. But, before a fracture happens, a quick check can be done to test the bone's density. Yes, Anlene provides free checks in many big supermarkets, do follow their twitter (@Anlene_ID) too for further information in your local supermarket.  

So from now on, keep investing proper nutrition that is important for your bone's health. Drink enough Calcium daily and nourish your self with Magnesium, Vitamin D plus other vitamins and minerals that benefits to your health and especially the bone. Think deposit or saving in a bank, the money is your Calcium, Vitamin D and don't forget Protein and the bank is your bones. I will also start taking care myself better with proper exercise, good quality life and habit plus daily intake take support my bone's health.

Are you ready to fight Osteoporosis now?

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