Saturday, December 10, 2011

Strolling in Anna Sui and Product Review

Also inside Glow Living Beauty I took a little while longer and play there for a bit. I see many gorgeous packaging and product as well. I am assured that Anna Sui's beauty products on makeup not just safe to used but in terms of beneficial for your skin as well. In the ingredients there's always rose water, you'll noticed the scent as well. Roses has been widely use for all skin type and have a therapeutic effect to the skin that is healing and for our nerves when we smell 'em? A calming and soothing sensation.

After you know the star factor in their beauty products, you'll definitely wondering Anna Sui's quality for being a makeup behind all those super lovely packaging. These are their eye shadow duo, which created another color when mixed. I'm impressed. Later on when I have the change I'll give you a close up look and review.

The famous loose powder with her purple puff. Comes in various tone depends on your need.

The newest one on the block is 001 which contain higher SPF which is SPF 20 PA++, sun protection becomes more comfortable nowadays ^___^

And who can resist those lashes and now I'm going to show one of them to you and how good they are.

Each come in different use, one for lengthening, one for volume, they also have fiber wigs, waterproof and so on. For plus don't forget the color collection they have ^__^ excited!

I'm trying the blue one. And yes, they do have other colors in the counter, so do check them out :)

It is as blue as it gets

This is my before look, as seen, I'm already using a black mascara (from other brand) so I just layered them. Still, I think they works better used alone of with other Anna Sui's.

Prepared to be wonder

Blue lash without the need of fake lashes, and btw the waterproof thingy? Splendid! Not even a small smudge.

This is the products in their lovely packaging. Don't you just want to bring them all home.

Their famous lippy that comes like a necklace, using Swarovski bling to add the sparkles to your life.

And as for perfume? Many of Anna Sui's become the favorite of girls and women all around the world. Sniff one?

Now, you got the glimpse of them do you want to know more about them? Anna Sui hand in hand with SK II is having a workshop in Bandung at Panghegar Hotel on the 17th of December 2011. Session 1 will be a mini facial by SK II and Session 2 is makeup workshop with Anna Sui. There's also will be special promotion during the workshop and gifts with purchase. Contact SK II and Anna Sui directly at their counter for invitation.

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