Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Energizing Body Scrub

Happy December y'all! Christmas is just around the corner, the spirits are up and the sale is ON! ^____^ Yes, somehow Christmas is identical with sale and shopping since it is the season to giving and be given too :)

To begin this wonderful month, I take a shower in the morning using the Green Tea range from Elizabeth Arden, which is their Energizing Body Scrub that gives me a zing everything smelling this wonderful scent.

The scrub is in a gel form contained a lot of small beads scrub, but what surprise me is that the scent is citrus and so invigorating, still with a hint of green tea but love the burst of citrus, perfect to begin a day or whenever you need a boost of fresh scents. Imagine yourself going back from work and you are exhausted, take a shower with this scrub and be perky all over again ^___^

Too dry or sensitive skin might need to try a bit first before applying all over your body, more massaging meant more exfoliating, good for a dull skin but too dry or sensitive skin may feel some discomfort or redness. So please observe yourself.

I recommend this product for their amusingly refreshing scent, give energizing effect through the smell and skin, smooth and soft skin afterwards too. Love it!

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