Monday, May 6, 2013

V 10 Plus Nano Gel 5 in 1

Hello everyone,

this particular item is perfect for those who wants a fuss free item in their daily routine of using skincare.


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Type: Basic-Care

All-in-one simple & perfect beauty gel.
This all-in-one beauty gel contains OSC (Ocean Stress Complex) made by Vitamin-C which contains OWC (Ocean White Complex) . 5-In-1 White Gel enters into the depth of the skin (basal stratum) and attack the Melanocyte directly.
This beauty gel has 5 effects of:
Freckles tend to show in the dry type skin. To solve this problem, this beauty gel increases the moisturizing power with Seaweed and Pearl extract.
How to use
Morning and evening. Pump a small amount and apply evenly over the face after the serum. Let it work for a few minutes before applying your sunblock.


For someone who always says we need a lot of products and an all in one rarely works. I stumbled to the one that actually does.


It was like a magical product for me, used after a serum and that's it, no need lotion, emulsion, essence, and so on. Just serum, V10Plus Nano gel 5 in 1 and sun protection or BB Cream when I want to use makeup afterward. It is a wonderful product indeed.


The texture is light yet hydrating enough, slightly cool and refreshing, no grease, oily nor residue found. The skin feels moist but not overwhelmingly done. I don't know how to explain this but the skin get enough plumping effect with no leftover, like the skin drink it all up and be happy about it. It's like snow, or water drops on the skin, but effective in enhancing my skin to be and look better, pampering and satisfying. So it is really a toner, milk, moisturizer, and base in one. I don't know what does it means by brightener, but I think it was like a pre makeup base that helps lifted up the look for that soft radiant glow, because that's what I get as well.


Overall, this multi-function gel is a must try item from V10Plus, I'm in love with the texture and how it felt on my skin: unique and wonderful. I've used it these past few days and my skin doesn't suffer any discomfort in any form. I'm not recommending the product as a night cream, personally I love a night cream with a more hydrating effect. So I only use the V 10 Plus Nano Gel 5 in 1 during the day and before I put on my makeup. It helps my makeup to stay on longer than ever before without being dry or looking matte nor unnatural. No grease as well so the makeup doesn't easily melts away.  Suitable to be used in a hot/humid temperature. It does help the skin to appear fairer and achieve that luminous complexion with the lightest feeling possible.

V 10 Plus Nano Gel 5 in 1 is available in Japan and Singapore.


Try it to believe it!


  1. Kayaknya baguuusss..
    Sayang availablenya di Japan n Singapore.. Aaaaa..

  2. Bagus banget Cil, udah lama ga se-excited ini nemu produk yang cihuy :)

    mereka rencana mau masukkin kok ke Indo, semoga cepat lah ya :D

  3. HI Ceecile and Clevergirl . You may order through this email if you need any of V10plus products actually. Email: Free Delivery to your door step in Indonesia. Payment can be done by BCA E Banking accoridingly. THanks V10Plus Management