Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kerastase Force Architecte Review

Hi everyone!!!

For these past few weeks I've been using Kerastase Force Architecte and like expected from Kerastase, I love them, I can't hide it, the juicy fruity fresh scent and stronger hair after every treatment ^^

The shampoo, the masque and the serum. They all feels wonderful and help build the hair structure from within. Please do read my previous post HERE for the press release and information regarding the products. On this post, it will be all about experience.


I always start things chronologically but this time I start with the product I love the most from the series, the mask. It was a very wonderful mask, I don't have to use too much like most masks or creambath creams, just half of them and my hair become so soft, so smooth, stronger and even looks better too. Most mask on the market only give either one. It could be just an irresistible scent, a softer look, a silkier hair, a shine, but none give all plus adding the hair strength as well.

Kerastase Masque Force Architecte delivers a hair that like using the essence of all of those masks. The deeply coarse part of my hair still need more treatments and time to heal but less breakage for sure since the moment I'm using the Force Architecte series.


Next item and the last one deserve the second place, yes both of them. The shampoo since I need it and addicted to the scent and for the serum, I can use it with other products (other shampoo/conditioner) and anytime anywhere whenever needed.

The shampoo cleans the hair without causing them to be limp and oily like most shampoo for damaged hair. The scalp also felt clean, suitable for my oily scalp when other shampoo making them greasy. I know there are so many brands out there which claim protecting the hair, reduce damage, etc, but the result are disappointing. From clogged scalp, oily hair, and other just doesn't work, a few even caused dandruff.

The shampoo also helps the hair to be stronger with the same ingredients used on the mask and some on the serum.


The duo tone serum is clear and green in one. Both in the transparent zone with one clear and one green oils. The oil feels light and kinda like a dry oil which easily distributed on the hair ends to help adding protection before hair drying or hair styling process.

It carry the same scent like the rest of the products in the Force Architecte series. And when used all three the scent last until the next day. I love it, my husband loves it and the formula is just wonderful.


Here's a few tips from me:
1. When using the shampoo make sure to wet the hair and lather the thick white creamy gel on the palm before massage the hair with it.
2. Rinse well and made sure none are left behind, it doesn't really matter is you use warm/cold water.
3. Toweled dry hair before the mask or squeeze them gently. Only put the mask on the mid length all the way to the end of the hair and never let it touches the scalp or even go near it.
4. Rinse the mask after a good 10-15 minutes covering the hair with a showering cap (this is for the home usage), but if you happen to have a steamer, go ahead and use on.
5. If you don't have 10-15 minutes, 5 minutes also will do. Yes, they work fast too.
6. The mask is best to be rinse with warm water and massage it all the way through making sure the hair is clean, if there's leftover the hair will feel sticky, so don't left any leftover and rinse well.
7. Use the serum a pump at the time, if your hair is long, you may pump it again after distributing the first pump. No need to use too much ^^


And get a stronger hair day by day with the scent that loved by many. Plus get a monthly treatment at the salon for an infused dose therapy.

Thank you Kerastase Indonesia.

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