Monday, May 6, 2013

Lancome Hydra Intense Masque

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It's pampering timeeeee. Last week was a very busy week and indulging in a mask can be a bit of luxury moment yet sometime time is not on my side. But with this mask, 5 minutes is enough.


Details from

If your skin looks dehydrated, this 5-minute moisture facial restores moisture balance.

Diminishes the appearance of dry lines.
Leaves skin looking smooth and perfectly hydrated.


Carefully examine the how to, use it on a pre-cleansed skin and add the toner. Apply a thick layer, make sure the gel reaches everywhere and leave it on. It does says 5 minutes but I can use it as long as I want, like 15 or even 30 minutes, depends on my availability on that day. The mask can be used daily as well to boost up the hydrating level on the skin until the desired level is achieved.

Do you know where to test your skin hydration level? Many beauty counters have a tool for that, anyone can get a free skin check up, including at Lancome's. I've test mine for the before and after. The skin hydration level does increase after the usage of Hydra Intense Masque.


The aroma is just wonderful and refreshing, somehow it smells like aqua. The milky light blue gel is cooling on my skin, I use it to help my skin get a hydrating effect before starting the day. Yes, this kind of mask may be used just about anytime during the day . . . or night.

Remove the leftover with a tissue and continue with any moisturizer I have according to my skin's need at that moment. The skin become so moist and plumped. But the result is not as velvety as mentioned, it's more to the slippery than velvety. And of left too long and all the gel has lost it's 'water', the skin will become a bit sticky.


Here are the ingredients:

Hmm, some may have allergic reactions . . . if you experience itchiness, redness, or other form of discomfort, that could be allergy. But so far, I haven't experience any of that.


Thank you Lancome Indonesia, you've pampered my skin with hydration.


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