Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50 PA++++

Hello lovelies,

ever wonder what your life might turn out if you choose things differently?

When I was a little girl, there's this book where we can choose how the story would end, so these Disney Princesses can perhaps have different endings according to the option we made. And since it's just a book, we can simply get back to the first page and fix everything we want to fix.

But life it's a one way street where we can't never get back, whatever option we have chosen in the past, sometimes, well, most of the time, it's can't be fixed. We have to live the consequences as it is. We're at the point of the road where we choose to regret our decision for the rest of our life in despair and negativity, or live our best no matter what.

The thing is, same goes with whatever we choose to use on our skin too. If you happen to be like me, rarely use sunscreen, or perhaps when staying on the beach for the whole day, using sunscreen only seen as necessary as the first deep and no reapply ever remembered, spots might comes up. And most of the time, redness and sensitivity occurs.

What can I do, live with it! And in the better future (like now) use a good sunscreen that protects the skin from the sun by all means.


There's so many sunscreen on the market nowadays and easy to find one anywhere. However there's only a few that really works, fine texture and feel undoubtedly comfortable.

I like the one that doesn't feel heavy nor rich yet give suffice protection to the skin.

And thanks to The Body Shop Indonesia, I just find out that, sunscreen are supposed to be reapplied after 4 hours no matter how high the SPF is since it gets removed either partially or the effectiveness reduced by far from sweating, wiping or just doesn't work as best as when it was first applied, more like worn off.


Aside from the Skin Defence, during the event, which was held in the middle of Grand Indonesia (East) Atrium, the set was build like a green lush forest. 

Here, everyone can have a skin check to know their skin condition and which products suits them best. This is happen to be key element in finding your dream skin.

The first step is to know what is the skin's current condition, and then, know the products, the ingredients that the skin's need and then the name of the products in The Body Shop range that cater that particular needs.


Aside from the skin check and knowing the skin and products for them, there is also beauty workshops, talk show, makeup demo that we can watch. So next time when The Body Shop is having an event in a mall, do come by and have a look, you can happily join the fun.


Now, back to the star of the event, Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50 PA++++ but to know the product first, before it, there's Drops of Light.


Focusing on brightening the skin, Drops of Light consist of skincare products that helps reducing dark spots, uneven skin tone to help enlighten the whole skin tone.

Top it off with the Skin Defence as it helps to become the skin's umbrella from the sun. Prevention is always better.


The milky texture of Skin Defence is said to be the winner and loved by the speakers during the event. It is milk-to-water hence we can all imagine the lightness and how it felt on the skin. Fresh and dewy without being sticky nor uncomfortable in any way.

Which reminds me of the texture from one of the products in Drops of Light collection that is also light and watery-like.


Skin Defence is not as light as the lotion (like toner) from Drops of Light, but it is as comfortable as it is.

Upon use it is white and like a lotion in texture, but when touched and blended, it will turn clear and yes, watery, so the tag milk-to-water is simply spot on. The skin feels like using none, soft, velvety, no white cast, smells really good and flowery, it hug the skin comfortably and protect from the sun with the highest PA there is at the moment ++++.


So there you go, a sun protection that comes in a tube, with a texture so light that it made the skin feels so good and comfortable. Perfect for a day in the sun in the city life. Fragrant, without white cast and can be used under any makeup. Contain red algae, vitamin c and marula oil. 100% vegetarian, no paraben, no mineral oils and no paraffins. IDR 399.000 per tube that can last around a month when used twice daily on the facial skin, decollete, neck (plus ear and behind the neck for extra protection), and on the ends of our hair too.

Thank you The Body Shop Indonesia.

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