Friday, September 16, 2016

Wardah Exclusive Lipstick

Hello everyone,

the local brand from Indonesia called Wardah has gain a lot of attention lately. They are budget friendly, works pretty well most of the time and the colors are just irresistible.

Coming from a sister brand called Make Over that is focusing on makeup, Wardah comes with a twist for skincare and emphasizing on being Halal.


Enriched with Jojoba Oil and Squalene that helps moisturize lips, and Vitamin E to nourish lips.
Its high content of oil results a good glossy look on lips
Multicolor lipstick that gives optimal polish in a single stroke
Available in 27 colors


Exclusive Lipstick, comes in a regular lipstick container with a shade of a blue-turqoise-cyan just like the brand.

There's not much of details can be found on their official website, but on the packaging, the necessary information is listed on their ingredients.


This is it, the lipstick, it has a smooth formula, easy to be used and the color is there. It doesn't hide nor comes in a sheer formula, but they know what Indonesian like, a pigmented lipstick.

And number 21 is a beautiful coral.

It's still transfer and when used without lip liner can bleed a little but it was a wonderful product with no complain whatsoever. The formula feels comfortable on the lips and I haven't experience any discomfort nor allergies for using it. And I've been using the lippies for weeks now.


Bottom line, a pretty product not to be missed. Budget friendly, comes with pigment and last pretty long when used without being touched, wiped off or during a meal. Aside from that, it's great :D

They have many shades too, from red, pinks to nudes. But mostly it's pinks and reds.

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