Monday, September 19, 2016

Clear Turn Babyish Moisture Mask

Hello lovelies,

who want a babyish skin that has clear clarity, so plump and moist that no wrinkle could ever land on?! I guess we all are. We want those super smooth, silky, lovely skin that never gets old. Well, inspired by the baby skin, Kose Cosmeport produce these masks that comes in a set (so as far as I know, it was sold in 7 pieces per package) to be used for a week.


Ideal 20-something skin!
Intensive moisture care masks for baby-like skin!

 ■ Tons of moisture! Intensive moisture care masks for baby-like skin!
Readjusting the skin’s condition is the first step towards baby-like skin!
Ingredients in the mask deliver moisture to the very depths of the skin!
●Moisturizing Agents (Hyaluronic Acid, Lipidure, Trehalose Derivatives, Amino Acid GL)
●Skin Conditioning Agents (Baby Mint, Chamomile Extract GL)

 ■ Specially made to be gentle and comfortable on skin!
Taking into consideration the delicacy of skin, these masks were specially formulated with the intent to be gentle on skin.
●Fragrance-Free・Colorant-Free・Mineral Oil-Free・Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol)-Free・Surfactant-Free ・Silicon-Free

 ■ Soft, thick, fluffy mask made out of domestically-produced cotton! The cotton is woven with a high density which makes it easy to unfold and adhere to the natural contours of the face. The material is able to hold a large amount of mask serum resulting in an intense surge of moisture to the depths of the skin!


The masks itself is pretty plain like any other face mask, white, cottony and easy to be used. The formula is a bit milky and feels comfortable on the skin. I usually use one after shower and cleaning my skin, put on one toner when the skin is still damp.

The mask dries up pretty fast, 15 minutes and it feels like paper. I took it off and it does give my skin a nice moisturizing effect, I top it off with my regular moisturizer and the skincare routine is done.

Since the package filled with 7 masks, I'm using it one by one for 7 days and it continue to give the skin that pleasant hydration all through the week and does help my skin to appear baby-like. So plump and bouncy.



A great product to be used on daily basis, it pretty much replace serum or when used together add another boost of moisture to the routine.

The masks is perfect for Asian feature, it's not too big.

I got mine from a recent trip to Japan but the product is available on Rakuten as well.

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