Tuesday, September 27, 2016

JPP Skin Laser Clinic with Avene

Hello lovelies,

yesterday, I went to JPP Skin Laser Clinic to try on one of their signature treatment. The location of the clinic is at Central Park Mall lower ground area.

The place is near every other beauty treatments on that same floor.


JPP itself has 5 clinics in Jakarta, from Emporium Mall, Kota Kasablanca, Lippo Mal Kemang, Mal Kelapa Gading, and here, Central Park Mall in west Jakarta.

The clinic has a white luxurious minimalist design, sleek and looks pretty with a dash of red.

On the right side near the entrance, there's a place specially reserved for Avene.


The treatment today will be Avene with non-invansive laser treatment for me. The name of the treatment is Laser & Light Skin Rejuvenation.

Laser & Light Skin Rejuvenation

As we age, collagen breaks down, causing lines and wrinkles. Sun exposure damages collagen too and can cause pigment problems (brown spots), uneven tone and rought or leathery texture.

JPP laser treatement helps to remove dirt, bacteria and fine dust particles on your skin surface and pores. Through the PhotoAcoustic energy, the laser would remove the dark melanin, clear the pores without leaving marks or skin peeling. The treatment would stimulate collagen building, tighten your skin and minimize the fine line on your skin surface.
The result, your skin would have even tone, brighter and radient. A pure natural beauty.


The first thing need to be done before the treatment start is that the therapist ask me some questions and there's consultation time where they explained everything from how safe it is, no downtime, fast, and what I'll experience during the treatment. It was pretty clear and they explain everything well, hence anyone who come can rest assured that the staffs will deliberate all the necessary information regarding the treatment.

There are several treatment you can choose in the clinic, and they also have invasive treatment for those who have scar issues or other problems, so do consult with the doctors first before proceeding Appointment also needed to make sure the efficiency of everyone's time.


After all the details are passed, they let me in and I have my own bed. My skin was cleansed using products from Avene before the procedure is done. The therapist repeatedly commented on my acne, yes, that one acne that happen to emerge during my PMS and she made a huge deal out of it on how I needed the whole Avene Cleanance set for that one acne.

Friends, one acne during one time of a month doesn't meant you have acne prone skin, so if someone suggest or insist you have a certain type of skin when it is not your everyday problem, don't listen to them.

The way the therapist kept focusing on that one acne made me feel very uncomfortable, I hope they can improve on that part.


Nevertheless, the rest of the treatment went well, the doctor is very kind and gentle, she hears me when I said I can't really tolerate paint and she reduce the level for the laser, which made the laser
treatment comfortable.

The light treatment is done by that same therapist again and she still doesn't leave my acne alone. And even after I said my skin is really dry, she is focusing on that one single acne (frustrating, I know), and in the end when the light therapy is done, she only want to give me sunscreen, without any moisturizer, when I ask for a moisturizer, she asked the doctor first, when the doctor said yes, she then gave me some (oh dear).

I wish the therapist could be a bit more sensitive and observing, she can learn it from the doctor on how to deal with clients and how to appear more caring to their needs instead of ehm, selling the products.

Avene itself is a brand with products that doesn't really need to be advertise thanks to it's quality, linked to the treatment, Avene products calmed the skin immediately and the spray helps cools down the skin too.


Overall, was it a good experience, hmm, the laser and light treatment itself is good and the doctor is very nice, there are rooms for improvements for the therapist.

Laser treatment has become a huge trend in Jakarta and the world too, it give people faster results and visible too. So there's a lot of competition there and customers will surely choose the ones that best for them in terms of budget, quality and experience.


Thank you JPP Skin Laser Clinic, hope to see you again soon being better and eventually the best Skin Laser Clinic in Jakarta.

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