Monday, September 5, 2016

B&Soap Pop Block Shampoo Bar

Hello lovelies,

Welcome to a colorful world of B&Soap where natural ingredients are made into cute stuffs we can use everyday.

They have many toiletries from masks to shampoo bar. And this post is made for their pop and fun shampoo bar, and that's literally their names.


Comes in these blocks of red and orange-yellow clear solid bar that smells so good. The red one is Pop Block and the orange-yellow one is Fun Block. They both packaged inside a black box with colorful details. Wrapping them inside, cling plastic wrap, and that's it. Simple yet presentable.

I got mine from Althea, so for sure they are a fresh Korean products.

I'll be visiting Korea soon and hopefully can find stores that sells their products, I love them.


There aren't much details regarding their products on their official website, most of the information are in Korean, thank goodness that Althea provide all the necessary on their website.


So what makes this product so special, what made natural ingredients so good? Apparently based on their founding, dandruff, hair loss, to many other problems happen on the hair nowadays are caused by the everyday stuffs we use. Those shampoo that claims to help the hair shine and so soft with tons of lathers contains SLS which is short for sodium lauryl sulfate.

It irritates the scalp and hair as well.


Here are the ingredients inside Pop Block:


So in Pop Block, the ones that smells like floral, I feel a bit of peppermint action, it cools my scalp a bit.

I don't really have problem with my scalp aside from being oily, but my hair do need tons of attention, clearly seen from the color. I bleached and constantly color my hair, it does takes its toll.

The result of using Pop Block is instant, the scalp feels clean and the hair does feels stiff like said on their details, which means my hair is really damaged. Hence I was recommended to use conditioner or vinegar if I want a more natural products with similar benefit.

The main focus of the shampoo is help eliminating the bad effects of using the wrong products from the pass. So it's like detoxing too.


Thank you so much Althea for the lovely products and you for reading my post, stay tune as I'll share about Fun Block soon!!!

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  1. My hair gets really stiff using these shampoo bars too.
    I'm at my 3rd week now so I hope my hair will feel nicer after about a month or so.