Monday, September 19, 2016

L'Oréal Excellence Fashion Sparkling Visible Color in Intense Spicy Red

Hi lovelies,

yes, my hair is red now, it's spicy red and pretty intense too.

I recently dyed my hair using L'Oreal Excellence Fashion Sparkling Visible Color in Intense Spicy Red. It was one of the product I've bought in Malaysia since the tone is not available in Indonesia. And since I've bleached my hair before, the color just blend into my hair without any problem and the shade are so vivid on a bleached hair like mine.


I've dyed them myself at home, I've post a short clip of my before and after on my instagram account @Carnellin, nowadays updating on instagram is so easy and fast too, I always make live updates there.

Now, back to the product.
What are the things inside the package? There's developer, color mixture, gloves, pre coloring care, and after coloring care.

The first thing that has to be done is using pre coloring care on a dry (and preferably dirty, haven't been wash for at least a day) hair. Apply all over from the mid length to the ends. Pay attention on the ends more as the farther the hair from the roots, the less nourished it is and dryer it will be, hence need more help from the pre-coloring care that looks like a thick creamy conditioner.

Mix the color mixture in the tube into the bottle where the developer is. Close the lid tight and mix everything vigorously making sure they are ready to be used, shaking around 5 minutes all over the direction should do the trick. Open the lid and change into the brush lid provided. Don't wait up and start distributing on the hair avoiding the roots.

Clips, hair comb, mirrors (lots of them), newspaper to cover the floor, towels for the neck, everything needed for the process is surely helpful. The more you do it, the more 'articulate' you'll be with the whole DIY. The key is to:
1. Brush the hair before coloring.
2. Use hair clips on 4 different section as it helps making sure the colorant is distributed evenly.
3. Several mirrors on several different angle from back to sides and front help the eyes to get 360 degree vision.
4. Always calm down and ready for any surprise, as long as there's no irritation occur (burning sensation), you're fine.
5. In the salon, the stylist always leave the colorant develop longer on the hair than instructed, but not necessarily means really long time, let's say 30 minutes, make it into 45 minutes, or so.
If you're not sure, juts keep checking your hair and see whether the color are 'in' and the desired color are in your hair.
6. Protection, protection, protection. Protect your clothes from the colorant, your skin (including scalp if possible), ear, forehead and neck are the common victims, and use plenty of masks after coloring the hair for at least a month to seal the moisture in.


After waiting for around 45 minutes or perhaps almost an hour, I rinse my hair and oh my, it was bleeding so bad, just like using manic panic, the color runs endlessly. And I waited until it clears off and it never did. It is almost a week since I dyed my hair and it still bleed.

The towels are all stained and my neck too. This is indeed fashion color since it goes everywhere. The color is so pretty and vivid but it does bleeds.



A great hair color with intense color. Very easy to be used and the care is wonderful, from the pre colorant to after care (conditioner) that I could use for around 4 days (for medium length hair) as a conditioner that made my hair so smooth and soft to the ability to stay true. The only thing that becomes the problem that it bleeds pretty much everything the hair touches.

So in the end, if you're okay with the stain, go with the color. Remember that this shade is possible after the hair is bleached.

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