Friday, September 16, 2016

Phyto Secret De Nuit

Hello lovelies,

a few weeks ago I was invited by Phyto and received some products as the goodies. This is one of the product.

As I am an avid hair trend, from colors to texture and everything in between, caring for my hair is a must on daily basis. And I only choose products that are best for the hair and scalp too.


Beauty brands are filled with sleeping mask and night creams that help our facial skin looks amazing in the morning, now hair care brands also contributing 'sleeping masks' for the hair, hence Secret De Nuit from Phyto is here.

The bottle comes in navy blue, glass-glossy like pump container and looks lovely.

Details on every nuke of the packaging.


Their official website also providing many detailed information.

A luxurious replenishing and regenerating night treatment for softer, silkier, shinier hair upon waking. Acting at night, when the hair's ability to repair itself peaks.

Meticulously selected for their regenerative and antioxidant properties, black orchid extract, grape procyanidins, ceramides, and essential fatty acids are blended in Secret de Nuit. This incredibly luxurious treatment goes to work as you sleep to intensely hydrate, replenish and help strengthen hair's ability to defend itself against external aggressors. Wake up to radiantly soft, supple, manageable hair that looks its healthy best. In a clinical study* 91% of women woke up to healthier, repaired, softer hair. * Study was carried by an independent laboratory on 32 women. Consumer findings in a 4 week product test of usage.

Brush hair to remove any styling residue. Work a walnut-size amount with fingers onto lengths and ends before going to bed. Repeat 2 to 3 times depending on the hair porosity and thickness. Comb through hair for even distribution. Leave-in. Use daily. Does not stain pillowcase.

Macadamia oil and ceramides, encapsulated in chronospheres, are time-released for night-long intense hydration, nourishment and repair. During the night, when hair is least exposed to external aggression, black grape procyanidins and black orchid extract form a protective shield to combat oxidation.


The product comes in this white lotion-like consistency. It is smooth, rather silky and smells like a delicate floral with musk. 

I use it during night time when I wasn't out and about during day time, so I think my hair is still pretty much clean.

I started by putting the product on my palm, work through it by distributing it on the palm and then let the fingers and palm touches the hairs start from the mid part all the way to the ends. I do have oily scalp, hence I'm avoiding them and focusing on my hair strands.

It was wonderful and pretty much similar to using a leave in conditioner but the oils in Secret De Nuit does feels comfortable and soft. Aside from using it as a night time treatment, I'm also using the formula when I'm at home and not going anywhere as a leave in product.


It also felt great on my hands. Not sticky, no residue, just pure comfort. Velvety soft and the powdery scent is somewhat relaxing too.

This is a perfect solution for me, I want my hair to stay protected and nourished anytime including when I sleep. So when I wake up there are less tangle, less friction during the night, hence the hair does improve overnight.

And during traveling (winter time), it is also a remarkable product that help reduce statics.


If you perhaps someone that has been struggling with dry undernourished hair, then perhaps Secret De Nuit could be a help. It provide the hair a pampering ingredients that protect, heals and help the hair to a better condition. Stronger, shinier and looks more alive.

The result is seen from the first use and the significant effect are said to be around 4 weeks. And as for me, I can see immediate effects from the shine, more hydrated and being tangle-free.


Thank you so much Phyto.

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