Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shine Like Stars with Ellips

Hello lovelies,

around a week ago, I was invited by Ellips to witness, try and feel the differences of using the products made by Ellips. Their hair essences.


Overly styled hair, air pollution, to sun exposure could make the hair loose it's gorgeous locks. Nutrition provided by Ellips could help the hair to stay healthy, beautiful, soft and shiny.

There are many problems that was caused by daily lifestyle such as using hair dryer and hot tools. Curler, straightener and chemicals too like hair colorant and chemically processed hair made the hair damaged. Ellips has several variants that matches the needs from Hair Repair series with Pro Keratin Complex, Jojoba Oil in Ellips Hair Repair Pro Keratin Complex (in pink) that gives nutrition to damaged hair. This is perfect for the hair that has gone through chemical process like curling, smoothing, coloring, and so on.

Smooth and Silky, with Pro Keratin Complex and Aloe Vera Oil that made the hair soft and silky. Perfect for a dull and dry looking hair.

Silky Black, Pro Keratin Complex (Kemiri) from Candlenut for that irresistible black shiny hair.

Milkshake Conditioner Leave On with Milk Protein, Wheat Protein, Pro-Vit B5, a leave in conditioner for an everyday use for no more bad hair day. It made the hair moist just by spraying them on.


And Ellips still has many other variants that I find to be complete. There's also Ellips hair mask for one minute care once a week.

Ellips is a brand that continue focusing on the hair care, they are well known for those cute beads and their light oil formula. Now, consistent to their values, Ellips develops more variants for simply everyone.


We all have different needs, different style and different favorite things, hence Ellips assured us that anyone can shine like stars.

Hair itself has become one of the beauty statement for men and women. We know Lady Di for her short hair cut, Penelope Cruz with her thick dark long hair, Tailor Swift with her blonde curls, Beyonce with her wavy and always light colored hair. Like they have their own signature look. But everyone has the same idea of a shiny and healthy looking hair like stars. That's what Ellips is aiming for, us, regular people, to shine like stars, with gorgeous locks.


So on the event, we have the chance to witness many influencer from hair stylist, celebrity and well known bloggers on how they use and enjoy using Ellips. How easy it is to use Ellips and how practical the product is on every angle.

Whether they who are looking for a bit of shine and moisture, to like me, bleached and severely damaged hair can use Ellips in different variant. When dying my hair, I can add a bit of Ellips on the mixture too, as it helps caring for the hair during coloring, neat right?!


Going home, Ellips gave me more than a handful of products and in so many variants. I can choose the ones I prefer and my family also enjoying the products too. Everyone has their own favorite and I really love their new aromatic oils that smells so good.

Now, if you are wondering about Ellips, do check out their official website


The main variant is natural or Pro Keratin Complex, and then from there, they'll divide more products.

And don't forget to get your hair analyze at their Hair Analysis section, read about Hairpedia and get more product information too.

It's a one stop info for a hair that shine like stars.


The capsules are so pretty and easy to be carried anywhere I please. I always have one in my purse or bag they are very handy. Like whenever my hair has flyaway or frizz, just pop one and it took care of those nasty flyaway plus, it gave my hair shine and aroma too, they smells so good. Like using fragrance made for the hair, but unlike most fragrance that made the hair dry, this one actually made the hair healthier.

I can simply choose one according to my mood too. It has floral scent, fruity, to aromatic too.


I can use one right after taking a shower, on a damp but cleaned hair, before hair drying as the nutrients in Ellips helps care for the hair. Or right before using hair tools. The oils is clear and has a very light texture, I was afraid of it becomes sticky and greasy, but it is so not true. Ellips Hair Vitamin is airy and absorbed by the hair so fast. It doesn't even feel sticky on the hands.

For my short hair, I only need 1/3 of the capsule on each use and the vitamins effect stays for the whole day. I can use it again in the afternoon to add more shine and aroma for my hair. For those who have thick hair may use the whole capsule or for those with long hair.

The differences is immediate, dry hair become supple and looks healthy instantly. No tangles, frizz nor seems damaged too.


My hair constantly changed, hence every 2-3 months I'll have new hair color, or texture or even both. I love hair makeover and yes, they do make my hair suffer, but I still love the trends I'm making with my bright colored hair or when they are in different texture. And thanks to Ellips, my hair always looks shiny and healthy too.


Just twist the small tip to open the capsule, drop some on my palm, work it through the palms and distribute the products on the hair starts from the mid length to the ends. Enjoy the scent while gently combing the hair using the fingers and palms. Finish it off by using a brush to evenly spread the oils. The hair will 'obey', looks so much relaxed, and the shine is just irresistible. Using Ellips was an experience that both aromatic and pleasant. Like a mini spa for the hair in an instant.


How about you? Have you try Ellips today?


Make your hair shine like stars with Ellips.

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